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So, why

Existing transport are not suited to dense cities.

E- bikes are fast, durable and extremely mobile.

Stakeholder pressure to offset carbon emissions.

E-bikes are an effective way to offset carbon emissions

Combining insurance, petrol, registration and related vehicle costs becomes very expensive

E-bikes do not require petrol, registration, specific insurances and have a lower vehicle cost.

How it works

Zoomo bikes are specifically designed for the delivery and logstics industry. Our e-bikes allow you to make your fleet faster, greener, cheaper and smarter than other vehicles in the market.


From New York to Sydney, Zoomo has multiple service centres to keep your wheels spinning


Let one of our expert local mechanics look after your bike


If our built-in GPS isn't enough, enjoy peace of mind with optional theft and damage cover.

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We’ve got an arsenal of goodies to get you on the road. Bike locks, bags, helmets, batteries and everything in between.

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