395 Cambridge Heath Rd,
London E29RA
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Unit 1, Admiral Hyson Industrial
Estate, London SE16 3PA
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81 Fountain Street,
Manchester M2 2EE, UK
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144-146 Leith Walk,
Edinburgh EH6 5DT, UK
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38 Henrietta St,
Birmingham B19 3AB, UK
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Want to learn more about Zoomo? Send us a message and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.
Need more info? Check out our Help Center
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If you already have an account with us, visit  the MyZoomo app where you can:
Book a service
Update your profile
Contact support
Report a theft
Return your bike
Support hours (GMT):
Monday - Friday: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Saturday - Sunday: 9:00am - 1:00pm


Do I need to be a delivery courier to rent a bike?

No. While our bikes were designed for delivery riders, they are still able to be ridden by anyone.

What’s included with my bike subscription?

We want you out riding as soon as possible, so we’ve loaded it up with tons of extras to make that happen. Included in your subscription is:

  - 24/7 access to your Zoomo e-bike
  - Battery Charger
  - Phone Holder (Sydney and San Francisco only)
  - Phone USB Port for charging on the go
  - Secure U-Lock
  - Full Maintenance & Customer Support
  - Safety Induction

Can I buy one of the bikes?

Yes! We offer the bikes for purchase. The prices will vary depending on the age of the bike you want to buy.

How do I book a return?

To schedule a return, go to "Rider Hub" in the footer of the website. Note, returns require 7 day’s notice as per your rental agreement. You must return the bike to the location you picked it up from. You must continue to pay rent until the end of this 7 day period. If you have a more urgent return, please message our team at hello@ridezoomo.com

What do I do if my bike needs a repair?

Repairs and servicing are included in your subscription. You can book your service or repair in the 'Rider Hub' in the footer of the website, or click here. If it’s urgent, please send us a direct message through the chat or email us.

What happens if I lose my bike or it gets stolen?

Please immediately report to the police and notify Zoomo representatives. A secure lock is included in your rental with Zoomo and we will also provide you with a guide on how to lock your bike securely. We also advise that you take out Theft cover options to reduce your liability.

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