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Are e-bikes suitable for beginners?


Definitely, in fact many beginners find e-bikes easier and safer to ride as they require less effort to pedal up hill. If you are unsure, just visit one of our workshops to have an e-bike specialist help you with a test ride.

Are e-bikes suitable for older people?


Yes, e-bikes are a much easier way for older and less-abled people to get around. We have customers from 15 all the way up to 81 years old riding our bikes.

Can I buy one of the bikes?


Yes! We offer the bikes for purchase. The prices will vary depending on the age of the bike you want to buy.

Check out the Vehicles page to learn more.

Do I need to be a delivery courier to rent a bike?


No, they are for everyone! If you plan to use the bike for food delivery or other commercial purposes, subscribe to our Courier plan which includes unlimited kilometres, free flat tyres, free brake pad replacements and free battery swaps.

Do Zoomo bikes have GPS?


The Zoomo Sport is equipped with the latest GPS tracking technology. To recover a stolen Sport, notify us and our bike chasers will be able to track it down.

How do I book a return?


To schedule a return, go to "Rider Hub" in the footer of the website. Note, returns require 7 day’s notice as per your rental agreement. You must return the bike to the location you picked it up from. You must continue to pay rent until the end of this 7 day period. If you have a more urgent return, please message our team at hello@ridezoomo.com

How does Recovery work?


If your bike is stolen and you have a Recovery plan, instantly message our support team on our website chat feature and let them know the details of the theft. Within 48 hours, our team will remotely locate your bike and provide you with its latest co-ordinates. In Greater Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, Zoomo’s team of Bike Chasers is also on hand to physically track your bike and bring it back to the local Zoomo store.

Terms & Conditions:- The number of call outs per customer is limited per their purchased Recovery plan- Bike Chaser service is currently limited to Inner Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. For recoveries outside these areas, Zoomo will provide co-ordinates of the latest location of the bike- Though a recovery plan will significantly reduce the risk of losing your bike, Zoomo does not guarantee the recovery of your bike and is not responsible for compensating for the loss of your bike should it be unlocateable or unrecoverable for any reason

How does Zoomo bike work?


We are a subscription-based e-bike rental service, for delivery riders and commuters. The process is fairly straightforward:
1. Choose a subscription plan that suits your needs.
2. Come in-store and pick your bike.
3. Get riding!

Bikes can be returned at any time, you're free to cancel and return with 7 days notice.

How fast does a Zoomo bike go?


Our Zero and Sport models are limited to a maximum pedal assisted speed of 25KM/H (legal assisted max speed). Any motor exceeding this speed is illegal and penalties apply.

How long does Zoomo battery last?


Zoomo batteries last between 5-8 hours and up to 80km range depending on the model.

How much do Zoomo bikes weigh?


Our Zero model weighs 25kg and the Sport model weighs 27kg.

What do I do if my bike needs a repair?


Repairs and servicing are included in your subscription. You can book your service or repair in the 'Rider Hub' in the footer of the website, or click here. If it’s urgent, please send us a direct message through the chat or email us.

What happens if I lose my bike or it gets stolen


If you are renting a bike, please report the theft immediately to the police and notify Zoomo representatives via the Rider Hub. A secure lock is included in your rental with Zoomo and we will also provide you with a guide on how to lock your bike securely. We also advise that you take out Theft cover options to reduce your liability.

If you have purchased a Zoomo bike outright with a recovery plan, please report the theft immediately to the police and message us on Facebook.

What is Theft Cover?


Theft Cover is an option that can be added to the cost of your weekly subscription. It’s there for when something happens to your bike, like it getting lost or stolen, so that you only have to pay an excess fee of instead of the full amount of replacing the bike.

What is a Zoomo Recovery plan?


Zoomo Recovery plans provide extra peace of mind by preventing loss in case of theft. Zoomo has an 80%+ success rate of recovering bikes on recovery plans and recommend this service for anyone that plans to ride often.

What is the refundable deposit?


We try really hard to keep our fleet of e-bikes functioning and in great condition. To do this, we require a REFUNDABLE security deposit, which gets returned to you when you give us the bike back damage-free.

What is your warranty policy?


If you are not completely obsessed with your newly purchased Zoomo bike, you are welcome to return it within 14 days of purchase, provided it is in its original condition. Please refer to our terms for our warranty policy.

What’s included with my bike subscription?


We want you out riding as soon as possible, so we’ve loaded it up with tons of extras to make that happen. Included in your subscription is:  

- 24/7 access to your Zoomo e-bike  
- Battery Charger  
- Phone Holder  
- Phone USB Port for charging on the go  
- Secure U-Lock  
- Full Maintenance & Customer Support  
- Safety Induction

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