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We want to 
every urban 
mile to light 

Zoomo is the world's leader in light electric vehicles (LEVs) and after-market servicing, built on the experience of thousands of delivery riders. Engineered in Australia and operating across the world, our bikes are built for durability/performance. Not only that, our flexible payment plans allow thousands of riders to access the best light electric vehicles on the market.

Zoomo's 6 Virtues

Bring ideas, pick winners.

Use your voice. Create a space for
others to use theirs. Disagree and
commit to the best ideas.

MOve fast, score goals.

Once you've committed, move fast and
own the outcome. Our ambitious vision
will be achieved one goal at a time.

Celebrate the wins.

When running at pace, it's important
to stop, reflect and recognize each
other's achievements.

add smiles to the miles.

Go the extra smile for your customers.
Have fun with your teammates.
Spread joy wherever you go.

embrace honest feedback.

Seek, give and act on feedback.
Be vulnerable.
Strive for better.

build our legacy.

We want to build and enduring company that
will have a lasting positive impact. How will
you and your team be remembered?

The Zoomo Team

The Zoomo team stretches over three continents in Australia, North America and Europe.

Currently headquartered in Sydney, we've built a talented team to power the delivery revolution.
CEO and Co-Founder
Sydney, Australia
COO and Co-Founder
Sydney, Australia

Zoomo Careers

Play a major role at the fastest-growing e-bike startup in the world