Our partnerships

We partner with companies that share our vision to build carbon-neutral cities powered by convenient, affordable, and safe e-bikes.

Discover a more efficient way to earn money with a Zoomo e-bike and lead the way towards a greener future.

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E-bike purchase

People who deliver with Uber Eats can enjoy $300 off new e-bikes purchases.2 

  • Zoomo Pay Plans start from $30/week. Use code NEWUBER300.
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Servicing and accessories

Unlock servicing and accessory discounts with Uber Eats Pro. Book a service via your Zoomo online account.

  • 15% off accessories for all Uber Eats Pro members 
  • Up to 25% off for general servicing3
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Dash to your goals with a Zoomo e-bike and start delivering safely, efficiently and sustainably.

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E-bike purchases

Dashers can enjoy $300 off e-bike purchases.2

  • Ride now and pay overtime with Zoomo pay plans starting from $30/week. Use code DASH300.
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Not a Dasher yet?

Become a Dasher today. Sign up in just a few minutes and start earning.

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Start earning with Deliveroo now via e-bike and enjoy exclusive Zoomo discounts.

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E-bike purchases

Want to buy your bike? Deliveroo riders get $300 off e-bike purchases. Use code DELIVEROO300.2

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Zoomo Servicing plans

Unlock a 25% off discount on a Zoomo servicing plan when you buy your bike.3

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Providing Zoomo riders with an all in one financial Toolkit to start managing all their gig expenses.

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Join MyGigsters

MyGigsters is a Financial Toolkit for Gig Workers. Sign up now and start managing your expenses. 

  • Get data-driven insights on your expenses
  • Calculate your net profits in real time  
  • Set and track income goals
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Giving Zoomo riders the best quality service experience with undeniably fast networks and unbelievable savings.

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Zoomer perks

Current Zoomo riders can enjoy exclusive discounts with Circles.Life. Enjoy mobile plans starting from as low as $10 a month.

  • 30GB for $10/mth for 12 months
  • 50GB for $15/mth for 12 months
  • 100GB for $28/mth for 12 months
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