June 16, 2022
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September 4, 2023

What accessories does Zoomo offer for riders? 

We think we’ve got a pretty good idea of the last-mile logistics space, therefore we appreciate that different couriers across the globe have different requirements for their e-bike. That’s why Zoomo provides many accessories to ensure riders’ daily lives are as comfortable, profitable, and efficient as possible. Here are a few examples: 


Depending on what riders are delivering, whether it's pizza, parcels, or pineapples, couriers will have different preferences on how to store them. Luckily, we provide a variety of accessories to help cater to all needs. The most popular across the delivery sector is our backpacks, which can be worn whilst riding. These insulated bags are the perfect accessory for conducting short-distance food and drink deliveries, with their water-proof material ensuring that multiple deliveries can be made in any weather. We typically offer 2 variants that range from a bike-dockable bag sized at 40cm3, to a more wearable option coming in at 45cm wide, 50cm tall, and 35cm deep. 

For riders looking to transport larger products, or conduct multiple stops in one journey, cargo boxes are essential. We can adapt the size and shape of our cargo boxes depending on what they are intended for, with them increasingly popular across the post & parcel sector for example. 

Cargo e-bike

Zoomo can incorporate front or rear racks onto our bikes. They might look like they are designed for milk deliveries, yet these racks are the perfect way to both increase the cargo space on bikes as well as provide further comfort for riders who would rather not have anything on their back. 

We don’t stop there. We offer tailormade pizza box carriers to efficiently deliver… you got it. We can fit a flatbed behind the seat to remove the backpack load from rider's shoulders. We can incorporate multi-drink holders to ensure deliveries are as tidy as possible. Crucially, we didn’t become the primary producer of last-mile LEVs for no reason, we are dedicated to providing a premium service for any rider, with our accessory options proving this. 


Zoomo works with a variety of vibrant and colorful brands, and we want our e-bikes to not only provide optimal last-mile delivery but also offer businesses and couriers a tool to advertise their brand on the road. Our bikes have several personalisation opportunities, including full branding around the sleeve, the application of a frame sleeve, a rear-wheel cover, and custom vinyls for either bike racks or entire bike frames, allowing businesses and couriers to customise our bikes in any colour or branding. 

Branded E-bike


Zoomo is committed to providing a full service for our couriers, to ensure they feel as safe and comfortable as possible. Therefore, if riders visit one of our global stores or our website, they will find a variety of other accessories designed to improve courier’s lives. 

This includes the option to buy a saddle or pannier bag to put on our bikes. These are efficient ways for riders to carry their belongings and supplies, or even to create more room for delivered items. If it’s comfort riders are after, seat cushions, gloves, and bar mitts are useful additions to maximise time on the road, regardless of the weather or terrain. 

Front and rear racks

For many riders, maximising time on the roads, and therefore the money in their pockets, is the primary focus. We offer riders the opportunity to purchase a second battery, with a portable carrier, to ensure that the keenest of riders can make a quick pit stop when on long shifts so they can spend as much time on the road as possible. 


Rider safety is imperative at Zoomo, we have strived to create premium e-bikes that keep delivery riders safe on and off the road, however we also offer several accessories to boost rider safety further. This includes the option to add extra lights to our e-bikes to boost visibility on the road. We have a new range of ultra-high-visibility bags being developed that will ensure riders can be seen day or night. We also offer riders premium-designed helmets in a variety of styles, not only to ensure they are protected on the road, but also to look their best when doing so!

Why do we offer all of this? Because we put the dignity of the courier first. We want your e-bike to be the ultimate tool to maximise your delivery potential, with our accessories intended to fit the variety of needs our riders have. 

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