Zoomo vs Spark Bikes - The best E-bikes for couriers

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August 21, 2020
Updated on:
May 16, 2024

See why thousands of couriers choose to ride with Zoomo over Jot (Spark Bikes) every day.

Want to get riding as a delivery courier but don’t know which E-bike to choose? Here are a few reasons to ride with Zoomo when you get started.

Zoomo is trusted by 1000s of riders internationally with positive reviews about our high quality e-bikes, customer service, servicing and more!

Feature Spark One Zoomo Lite Spark Max Zoomo Classic Zoomo Zero
Range 4-6 hours 4-6 hours 5-7 hours 5-7 hours 8 hours
Lights USB Hydraulic Mechanical Hydraulic Hydraulic
Brake Yes Yes
Fast Charge Yes Yes
Rear Rack Yes Yes
Mudguard Yes Yes
Smart Lock Yes Yes
Designed for delivery Yes Yes Yes
Weekly rent $69 $59 $79 $79 $89

“There was an in depth onboarding process at Zoomo which actually allowed me to understand their servicing and rules much better. They gave me videos to watch, answered all my questions, made sure I understood all the insurance and theft policies etc. There was a time where my chain broke off from my bike around 9:30pm in the evening, and I had to get it repaired asap so I could get back on the road - they fixed it the very next day and I didn’t lose any time waiting! The support from Zoomo and how well they handle situations makes me feel confident that this is the bike company to be with.” Andy, Zoomo Review

1. More Stores & Locations

Get the bike that’s right for you, wherever you are.

When it comes to choosing an E-bike, a big factor is locations and stores, the decision is about more than just convenience to get started. Delivery couriers regularly have their rented E-bikes serviced, or need a quick repair. Zoomo has you covered, and when you rent from Zoomo you are entering into a community. Make sure you choose the company that is best placed to cater to your needs.

Jot Bikes formerly Spark Bikes has 4 locations in Australia, whereas Zoomo has 13 stores - 8 stores in Australia, 2 in London, 2 in San Francisco and 1 more in New York City.

Join an E-bike community that is truly global, and available for you wherever you are. Zoomo is ready to provide service and advice for delivery couriers in 13 locations, and we’re growing all the time.

Spark vs Zoomo

Hear it for yourself from one of our riders who switched to Zoomo:

"Zoomo has its own office in the CBD, making it super convenient and walking distance from wherever you are if you need a quick repair". Sam, Zoomo Review

2. E-bikes designed for delivery

We know bikes and we know delivery

With years of knowledge and thousands of loyal customers, we put our heads together and designed the perfect delivery E-bike from the ground up. The result was the Zoomo Zero - the world’s first E-bike specifically designed for food delivery couriers.

We re-imagined performance

We know that having your battery run flat can cost you money, so we designed a bike that will power your deliveries for up to 8hrs.

  • Full size wheels
  • Brakes
  • Step through
  • Built in lights

We re-imagined security

With a smart access FOB to unlock your bike, keeping your E-bike safe and secure has never been easier. Every Zoomo Zero comes fitted with a remote controlled electronic lock that completely disables and enables your bike. That means less time wasted with traditional locks and total security and peace of mind

We re-imagined convenience

We’ve added a built-in phone holder, for navigation and hands-free communication, plus access to charge from the bike’s own battery. No more battery packs to carry, and never have your phone die on you again. Not to mention the built-in lights for safety, and back rack for your convenience.

We re-imagined style

The Zoomo Zero is our sleekest design yet. While retaining our signature design, we’ve packed in features without overloading the final result. Ride longer with the largest battery on the market (9 hour, 17ah smart battery), reinforced rear rack (40kg capacity), and a powerful 250w motor all keep you earning for longer.

“Having a Zoomo Zero is worth it. They are better than other bikes, much more comfortable and long lasting. Zoomo gives you weekly updates and reminders about your rent, so you know when your rent is getting deducted."

3. The bottom line - price

Get the right bike at the right price, so you can earn more!

Every delivery courier wants to maximise earnings, which is usually why they choose the fastest, most convenient way to get around the city. More deliveries and cheaper prices means you earn more! This is exactly why we have five bike models. With Zoomo, there is a much higher chance you will be able to find the right bike at the right price.

When you ride with Zoomo, not only do you get more stores, more servicing and the best-designed bike but because we are a global company and we manufacture our own bikes, we also have the best price.

Zoomo's new bikes start at just $59/week and Rent-To-Own from just $69/week! This means you’ll be earning more as you get your bike. With our extensive range of bikes, we’re guaranteed to have the right one to suit your needs. Plus, Zoomo is offering refurbished bikes at even lower prices.

If you want to get riding and earning, the choice is obvious.


Whether you’re considering scale, price, bikes, locations, service, or quality, ride with Zoomo.

Check out our bikes today to find out which bike and which plan is right for you.

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