The Best Christmas Present

December 11, 2020
Updated on:
May 16, 2024

Treat Them with an E-Bike Subscription

What is an e-bike and How Does it work? 

An e-bike is a pedal assisted electric bicycle that is powered by an onboard battery. It works like any other regular bicycle. The faster you pedal, the faster you go. The difference between an e-bike and a regular bicycle is the battery assistance which can propel you further and faster by giving you a boost whenever you need to make cycling more convenient and more effective.


Who is it for?

Like many I had my doubts about what an electric bike could really do? Sure, it was a cool toy to have but was it anything more? It sure is! An e-bike is perfect for anyone who cycles in to work, takes public transport into work as well as anyone who enjoys the outdoors. It provides the ease and comfort of travelling further for longer with the battery boost allowing you to pedal less whether it be up a hill, past traffic or a Sunday ride along the beach or through the country. An e-bike subscription gives you the flexibility and convenience to only pay for what you desire with no pesky lock in contracts with weekly subscriptions. 


Is it a Good Gift to Give Someone?

There is not a better time to gift someone an e-bike subscription! With the sun coming out and lockdown easing, it’s the perfect way for someone to enjoy their time off work this holiday season and when they get back to work, make their commute not only quicker but more enjoyable. With our promotional offer of the first month being free, we have gift cards for 2, 3 or 6 month subscriptions. It’s never been better to get on an e-bike and change someone’s lifestyle for the better whilst also being a little kinder to the polar bears. 


What Do I Get When I Rent an e-bike?

Our e-bikes all come with U-locks for the added protection for your e-bike as well as front and rear lights to make sure the rider is safe and protected. All our e-bikes come with free maintenance and servicing over the subscription period with 24-hour customer support services. 


How Much Will It Set Me Back?

With the first month free for all 2 month or more personal plans and our e-bikes starting at 29 dollars a week, our e-bike subscription gift plans are easy on the wallet, giving your loved one the best electric bike deals. Below you can the range of bikes on offer including the Classic, the Ranger and the top of the range Zero.

Contact us or Visit one of our workshops to learn more and give them a gift they won't forget!

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