Is an electric bike worth it?

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October 2, 2020
Updated on:
September 10, 2023

Not sure if investing in an e-bike is worth it? Well, it depends what you’re using it for.

For some, renting a Zoomo e-bike was the perfect replacement for their travel card. Instead of getting on a packed bus, train or tram everyday, you can jump on your bike and cycle to work. Plus, it’s an easier way to ride without exerting yourself or working up a sweat.

For others living in the inner city, it meant an easy way to get around; from picking up food to biking to a friends house to picking up groceries. Electric bikes are easy to park and you don’t get stuck sitting in the traffic.

For others, it meant a chance to be out in the fresh air more often.

Worried about the cost? While e-bikes can have a high starting cost to purchase outright, we offer e-bikes on a weekly subscription so you can rent for as little or as long as you like for a very affordable price! We also offer try before you buy, where part of your e-bike rental can be used as a purchase credit. You get all the perks of owning an e-bike without any hassle.

Here’s what our riders had to say about their electric bike:

  • Mark | Rides Zoomo to get to work and run errands: "Excellent, the customer service response has been quick and the core parts of the bike operate flawlessly. I took the bike on a large round trip to Homebush on full boost and it didn't miss a beat."

  • Simone & Pete | Rides Zoomo to get to the beach: "Fast delivery, fun to ride, fast, great battery life. I put it on 5 and it goes like a car. I don't even need to pedal!"

  • Charlotte | Rides Zoomo for daily errands: "I’m finding it a great replacement for a car, for travelling distances that are too far to walk or inconvenient to get to on public transport. I also find that it is a nice way to be more active / get out in the sun."

  • Ed | Rides Zoomo to get to work: "Put this thing up to full speed and it really goes! It's been so much fun"

Join our community of riders today.

Man riding an electric bike to the beach
Pete riding his Zoomo e-bike to the beach
Woman riding an electric bike to do her grocery shopping
Charlotte riding her Zoomo e-bike when grocery shopping

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