The Ultimate Guide to UberEats Delivery by Bike in the United Kingdom

October 28, 2021
Updated on:
May 16, 2024

In 2020, across the United Kingdom, UberEats played a critical role.

Delivering food and other essentials to those shielding from COVID-19, a large number of people volunteered to become delivery workers throughout the year. 

As well as playing their part in the fight against the pandemic, employees were able to earn more money and work flexible shifts. This increase in money and navigation of COVID requirements was accelerated and improved by the use of e-bikes.  

In this article, we’re going to explore how UberEats delivery by bicycle can boost efficiency, save time and more. We'll also show you how you can get started with cycling for UberEats.

Speed up UberEats deliveries by e-bike

Even throughout 2020, an estimated 69 hours were lost to traffic jams in London1 . This is due to the huge amount of congestion from cars. 

E-bikes are able to dodge traffic jams and take alternate routes through parks and narrow alleyways. Uber bikes in London or other cities can save a lot of valuable delivery time. 

Being an UberEats bike rider means jumping on your bike, easily parking and dropping goods off with fast last-mile delivery times. UberEats cyclists can also find shortcuts through sidewalks, parking lots, alleyways, trails and more. 

Making money on an UberEats e-bike

Efficiency of e-bikes in urban areas
Because UberEats deliveries are so much more efficient via e-bike, whether navigating busy roads or inclines, e-bike cyclists can make more money. Research shows that the average monthly pay for an UberEats cyclist is £1,6252.  This is typically 30% extra than UberEats car drivers earn. 

Cost of servicing cars or e-bikes in Australia

Part of this money efficiency comes from how cheap e-bikes are to run. While the average car in the UK costs  £1,295.52 per year3 ,  e-bike maintenance is inexpensive and even, with providers like Zoomo, free. We also offer a second hand purchase option to make our e-bikes even more affordable to those that need them!.

Cycling with UberEats & Zoomo

Because we understand the importance of UberEats workers, we do all we can to make deliveries as enjoyable as possible. All Zoomo riders get our free roadside assistance service. This means that if they get a flat tyre, we come out to get them back on the road. While our batteries can last up to 8 hours, we’re here for extra reassurance! 

How to get started with UberEats e-bike deliveries

1- Assess COVID-19 Regulations

Delivery safety during COVID-19 means keeping your distance from others where possible. On an e-bike, this is easy because you can park up and leave deliveries on door steps or in safe places. 

2- How to sign up as a UberEats delivery worker

Sign up as an UberEats cyclist here. There are a few background checks, but the process is much simpler through an e-bike account because you don’t need a licence to apply! you’ll. Click the link to find out more about applying to be a cyclist.

3- Get a 15% discount on Zoomo e-bikes!

As the only official UberEats e-bike partner, we ensure that all our e-bikes meet UK safety standards and offer a unique reward scheme for our cyclists. Get a 15% discount on any refurbished bike, weekly rent discounts, accessory discounts and priority repair slots. 

Get your 15% discount here.

1 UK Road Congestion

2 Uber Eats Monthly

3 How Much Should Car Maintenance Cost Per Year

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