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October 21, 2022
Updated on:
November 29, 2022

MyZoomo App: Unlock the full potential of your e-bike and maximize security

We just launched our first rider-facing mobile app to enhance your Zoomo rider experience by enabling you to stay connected, track your e-bike from anywhere in the world, and access instant customer support.

What is MyZoomo?

MyZoomo has been designed to allow riders to unlock the full potential of their Zoomo e-bike. The app will connect with Zoomo’s IoT (Internet of Things) enabled e-bikes, and will provide users, like yourselves, with a host of benefits that will help you prepare for your next trip, keep your bike secure, and ultimately increase the usage of your vehicle. 

Where can I find the My Zoomo App?

The app is free to download on iOS and Android, and is available to customers across all of Zoomo’s markets. 

Sounds great, but what are the benefits of getting the App?

Users of the MyZoomo App will benefit from the app’s integration of security features, visibility of the e-bike vitals, and staying connected with all things Zoomo. 

Let’s break this down for you. 

Security features

MyZoomo will have full integration into the security features of your e-bike.  You will be able to remotely enable and disable the anti-theft motor lock on your bike, as well as ring the alarm, providing you with peace of mind that your e-bike is protected against thieves. 

You will also have the ability to report a theft via the MyZoomo App. This will link to Zoomo’s bike recovery service where a dedicated team of bike chasers will track down a rider's bike and return it safely. 

E-bike visibility

Users of the App will be able to view the most important vitals of the e-bike before and after embarking on a journey, including the whereabouts of your bike’s location and the remaining battery life and utility of the vehicle. This will ensure that you can plan their journeys in advance and never run out of battery mid-ride. 

Staying connected 

Riders will easily be able to manage all things Zoomo through the app, making it easier for you to stay connected and maintain peak form of your Zoomo e-bike. This includes booking a service at your nearby store, contacting customer support, and managing your subscription. 

In summary, MyZoomo will provide you with the below services: 

  • Quick access to the Zoomo account
  • Track e-bike location
  • Remote lock and unlock of the anti-theft motor lock 
  • Sounding of the anti-theft alarm 
  • View e-bike battery percentage 
  • Locate nearby workshops and book a repair 
  • Track individual courier’s rides and distance covered 
  • Easy engagement with customer support 
  • Report a stolen bike 

We can guarantee that MyZoomo will be your essential companion on the road. We want riders to have as much confidence as possible when stepping on their Zoomo e-bike, and our new app will allow riders to be stress-free both on and off the road. 

The app’s features will allow you to stay on the road for longer and ultimately boost your earnings - key reasons why couriers trust Zoomo as their preferred vehicle for delivery. 

What are you waiting for? Download it now on your mobile device: 

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