How To Prevent Bike Theft

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August 18, 2020
Updated on:
September 10, 2023

Read our top tips on how to prevent your bike from being stolen.

E-bikes are valuable pieces of hardware. So with the high price tag, it’s no surprise that some people are willing to go great lengths in order to get one. Here’s a comprehensive list of everything you should do to ensure your bike doesn’t disappear!

Always lock the bike before picking up an order

It sounds simple enough, but it needs to be stated. Spending 30 seconds locking your bike could save you $1500 in the cost of replacing the bike altogether. Many Theft Cover plans will not cover you if you leave your bike unattended and unlocked while you were running into a restaurant to pick up an order, even if you bought theft insurance. 25% of all bike thefts take place while a bike is left unlocked and unattended. Thieves are aware of food courier riders and the pick-up process. All they need is a split second. Don’t tempt them!

Use the right lock

Cable locks are not going to get the job done. With a simple pair of wire cutters, your bike will be long gone. The best and more secure locks available are ABUS U-locks. These things are virtually unbreakable. They’ll set you back just under $100 but for the piece of mind, it’s well worth the investment. Some bike rental companies, such as Zoomo, even include one of these things in their rental price.

Lock your bike the right way!

There’s no point having the right lock unless you actually use it correctly.  Here is a video of a Zoomo mechanic showing you the best way to lock your bike!  Make sure that you thread the lock through both the wheel and the frame. Doing just one and not the other can be just the opportunity thieves look for.

HOT TIP from Zoomo's Head Mechanic Rob:  lock your bike in the middle of a row of bike, not on either end. If your bike is surrounded by other bikes, thieves will be much less likely to go to the hassle of pulling your out of the group.

Lock your bike in a well lit, public space during the day time

When you lock your bike, pick a spot that’s well lit, highly visible and preferably busy. The best way to deter a thief is to make them feel watched.

Lock your bike inside at night

Some bike thieves are known to stalk riders for hours, studying their behaviour and waiting for the perfect time to strike. If you stay diligent and lock it each time, take the same precautions at the end of your shift, and take the bike inside with you. It’s a sitting duck when it’s out on the street overnight.

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