February 15, 2022
Updated on:
September 8, 2023

New vs Refurbished E-bikes: A buyers guide

In 2020, the e-bike market was valued at USD $23.89 billion*, with projections of growth multiplying in the following years. By 2026, this market is estimated to reach USD $47.69 billion* as a result of society’s increasing prioritization of sustainability within the transportation sector.

By shifting away from petrol guzzling and CO2 emitting automobiles, and focusing on electrically powered vehicles, society is overtly moving towards a more healthy, happy, sustainable and COVID-friendly future.

With uncertainty and confinement characterizing the last few years, lifestyles have been completely restructured with an emphasis on
maximizing leisure time thanks to the ability to work from home. However, on a less positive note, the pandemic has also resulted in border restrictions obstructing the importation of goods and resources across all industry sectors, materially affecting supply chains.

These importation restrictions and delays have infiltrated the e-bike industry making it near impossible to create enough light electric vehicles (LEVs) to meet the current market demand.  With this in mind, the refurbished e-bike market is still active and readily available, so if you want to get your hands on a pedal assisted bike ASAP, this could be the perfect option for you.

In this blog we compare the pros and cons of investing in a refurbished e-bike rather than a brand spanking new one!

Used and Refurbished E-bikes: the pros’ and the cons’

To save you from scouring through Google, we put together this list of the advantages and disadvantages of investing in a used or refurbished bike.

Pro #1 -The Cheaper Alternative

E-bikes are a lot of things. They’re sustainably transforming urban transport, they’re innovative and they’re taking the world by storm. However, one thing they are not is cheap.

This is for good reason. E-bikes are investments, built to last years and get you around town safely and efficiently. Investing in a good quality e-bike is crucial, however this does not necessarily require purchasing a new e-bike, straight from its box.

Used and refurbished e-bikes, when purchased from a renowned and trustworthy distributor, are just as reliable, efficient and cheaper than a new one.

For a good quality e-bike you can expect to pay on average between $1,500 and $4,000**. Why spend this much, and still have to wait months, or even longer for a new e-bike when you can get your hands instantaneously on a quality e-bike for much less?

Pro #2 - The Sustainable Option 

In addition to being the cheaper alternative, buying a refurbished e-bike is also a more sustainable practice.

With plenty of high quality, serviced and even enhanced e-bikes up for adoption in the market, you are single handedly benefiting the environment by getting these vehicles back on the road. Rather than monetising the construction of a new e-bike, investing in used e-bikes is far more considerate for the environment and still serves the exact same service. 

Don’t let a world-class bike end up in landfill.

Pro #3 - Good Distributors Make Even Better Bikes

When you get a used or refurbished bike from distributors like us at Zoomo, you can ensure your bike is in perfect condition. 

Good distributors have your best interest in mind and likely have practices in place to not only to check the bike is functioning optimally, but also to tinker the bike into a good-as-new condition.

Businesses like Zoomo also offer you the option to test out your bike, as well as examine their structure and maintenance prior to purchase. This allows you to try before you buy and ensure the bike is meeting your standards.

Finally, when you purchase your bike from a trustworthy and reliable business you may even be eligible for warranty. This will give you added peace of mind that your bike is covered should something go wrong, which is unlikely.

Con #1 - With Dodgy Trades Come Dodgy Outcomes

Should you trade with an uncertified distributor, or better yet through facebook marketplace, who knows the quality of the bike you are obtaining. 

Whether it’s minimal servicing or quick fix repairs, you very easily could be sold a ticking time bomb. We recommend you go through certified businesses offering warranty and safety/efficiency checklists to ensure your bike is in good condition. 

Con #2 - Don’t Overlook The Battery

Although they make up a small percentage of the overall bike hardware, the battery key in separating your e-bike from its conventional counterpart, getting it up and running. You need to ensure the battery has been properly maintained or even replaced since its previous owner, and in order to do so you will need the assistance of an e-bike expert!

Zoomo Outlet: Your Refurbished E-bike Haven

We are sure you have heard of Zoomo since you made your way to our blog, but were you aware of our online outlet store?

The Zoomo Outlet distributes new and certified e-bikes at unrivaled prices with flexible payment plans options available. Our refurbished bikes adhere to the same standard as our new bikes, featuring powerful motors, fast charging capabilities, 8 hour batteries, rear racks and built-in lights to ensure your ride is as safe and efficient as possible.

Our outlet has incredible discounts with up to 62% off the original retail price. If you get in quick, you may be lucky enough to grab a bike under $1,000. 

What we Mean by a ‘Refurbished’ E-bike

We distribute three types of bikes at Zoomo: new, used and refurbished. 

A new bike is self explanatory, it’s straight from the box into your possession. 

A used Zoomo bike on the other hand is from 0 to 1 years old and has been lightly used but remains in near perfect condition. These bikes have had the full 40 point safety and repair check up.

Finally, a refurbished Zoomo e-bike is 0 to 2 years old and has gone through our 40 point inspection with any questionable elements replaced or repaired before it is placed on the market. These bikes have been brought back to ‘good-as-new’ condition.

The Zoomo Guarantee 

Every single bike showcased in our online outlet fleet must pass a 40+point checklist to ensure optimal safety and comfort for our riders. From testing the bikes' electricals, lights, brakes, wheels, chains to their treads, every aspect from the ground up is checked before you ride!

After you buy one of our world class refurbished bikes you can rest assured your 1st tune-up will be on us! We recommend you service your bike every 6 to 12 months if you are regularly riding your e-bike. In addition, our friendly team or experts are readily available and on call should you need support or advice anytime.

Finally, Zoomo also provides a 6 month warranty on your bike to ensure your bike is up to scratch. If you don’t fall head over heels with your Zoomo e-bike, you can also return it for free within 14 days of its initial purchase date.

See our range of e-bikes
. From everyday cruisers to mountain bikes, we constantly have new stock coming and going, from a location near you. If you like what you see, we invite you to come in for a test ride.

Get $100 off your purchase with code ZOOMO22, *terms and conditions do apply*

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