October 2, 2020
Updated on:
June 28, 2022

Can I ride an e-bike in the rain?

Worried about riding your electric bike in the rain? Don’t be. Electric bikes, just like push bikes, are water resistant and as long as you can see and ride safely in the rain, your electric bike is fine to ride. 

The batteries in our e-bikes are in a high-quality, water-resistant casing. You don’t need to glad wrap your battery if the weather suddenly takes a turn. 

Our best tip to riding in the rain is to waterproof yourself with a rain jacket and bag to protect your gear. We also recommend mudguards so you don’t flick any water or mud on the backs of your legs - especially helpful if you’re riding to work or to a friends house on the weekend.

Safety tips for riding in the rain:

  1. Use lights
  2. Brake earlier
  3. Watch for slippery surfaces and avoid puddles
  4. Ride slower

Looking for more safety tips? Here's our tips for riding an e-bike safely or see our safety videos below:

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