How to earn more money riding for Uber Eats

August 18, 2020
Updated on:
September 10, 2023

Our tips to ride smarter and earn more

$25 AUD (15 GBP) an hour can seem like a far-off dream. But fear not! It’s more than possible if you use your e-bike cleverly, and follow these tips to save yourself time on the road to complete more trips.

1. Ride during the peak & boost hours

It might sound simple enough, but riding at the peak delivery times is fundamental to maximising your earnings on your shift. During the week, most deliveries are between 11am-2pm for the lunch shift, and 5pm-9pm for dinner. Try and hit both these times, and recharge yourself and your battery, in between. If you’re riding on the weekend or Friday, these times are a bit more flexible, as it’s much busier on the roads.

2. Don’t let rain sideline you. Be ready for any weather.

Rain can drastically increase the amount Uber will pay you for making deliveries. People want to get food delivered more than ever, and drivers start to clock-off to avoid getting wet. Come prepared for the rain, and embrace it! Get yourself a good rain-jacket for cheap, and some simple rain pants too. These extras will pay for themselves in no time once the boosted periods start because of the rain.

3. Stick to dense, popular area

Operating in one busy area for your shift, such as a popular shopping area or a food-court, means you are able to do more deliveries locally and you know you’ll likely be picking up more orders from the same restaurants. It’ll keep you busy and reduce your idle time.

4. Don’t be afraid to decline a request

When you’re trying to work in a busy eating area, don’t be afraid to decline a delivery request if it means you’ll have to leave the goldmine. When you’re on an e-bike, it’s better to try and do short, frequent deliveries on roads you know, rather than accept an order that sends you to the middle of nowhere, forcing you to spend valuable time and electricity getting back to a busy area. Try and stay in the busy areas of the city.

5. Get to know the restaurants in your area

Learning which restaurants have a long wait time, versus ones with quick kitchens, can make a big difference to your night and cut out a lot of time standing around waiting for slow food to come out. A lot of this will be trial and error, but make a list of the restaurants that you know you’ll be burning your valuable time waiting in line, and decline a request if you have better, more reliable options to go to. Remember, saving time and completing as many orders as possible per hour is the goal, and sometimes, some restaurants just aren’t worth the hassle.

6. Don’t forget about tips. Be professional and polite at all times

Uber takes 30% of your earnings, but they won’t take any money from tips. Since tipping was introduced in Australia, it makes it another good source of money that goes entirely to you. Go the extra mile, with simple things like calling the customer by their name, greeting them politely and ensuring the food is neat and tidy in the bag before you hand it over. Small things like these could easily get you a $2-3 tip (1-2 GBP), and over the course of a shift, that could be the difference between a $100 night and a $120 night (50-70 GBP).

7. Don’t risk your battery dying: charge your battery to full before hitting the road

Ensuring you have a full battery on your e-bike is crucial to making upwards of $25 an hour (15 GBP). You don’t want to end up with a flat battery right as the clock strikes 7:30pm, simply because you forgot to charge your battery overnight.

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