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August 9, 2022
Updated on:
May 16, 2024

Why a Zoomo delivery e-bike is perfect for Boston 

Zoomo has arrived in Boston marking our 8th store in the US and the first in the New England area! We couldn’t be more thrilled to be here, and we hope local couriers are as excited as we are. 

The vibrant city of Boston is home to countless businesses across the delivery space serving one of the largest populations in the North-East of America. While it is not a geographically large city, the majority of short-distance deliveries are being done so in petrol vehicles, which is both terrible for the environment and hugely inefficient for couriers. Riders are pointing to traffic jams, a shortage of parking spaces, and rising petrol prices as compounding factors making their line of work all the more challenging.

For almost two years, Zoomo has provided delivery riders and commuters across the United States with the best vehicle to conduct last-mile journeys. So if you’re a seasoned delivery courier or even just a casual rider, here are a few reasons why Boston locals should get a Zoomo e-bike. 

E-bikes are perfect for local delivery

A Zoomo e-bike is the perfect tool for couriers wanting to boost their earnings. Their speed and nimbleness make it the best vehicle for navigating urban roads, with Zoomo research in New York and Los Angeles finding e-bike couriers complete 30% more journeys than petrol vehicles. 

No other vehicle can transform your lifestyle like an e-bike. Not only will you complete more journeys and boost your earnings, you’ll also cut daily costs and do your bit for the environment, all whilst receiving physical and mental wellbeing benefits. Riding an e-bike in Boston really is a no-brainer. 

Boston was crying out for a change!

The demand for deliveries across Boston has skyrocketed in recent years, yet the city’s roads aren’t built to accommodate the frequency and amount of cars and mopeds that currently fulfill deliveries. 

Boston is desperately in need of a new vehicle to deal with this, and we’re here to help. Forget traffic jams and trying to find a parking spot, renting a Zoomo e-bike will put you ahead of other couriers across the city. 

Boston roads are perfect for e-bikes

Boston, and the wider state of Massachusetts, is deemed as one of the most bikeable areas in America, with the city’s impressive cycle infrastructure perfect for exploiting the spoils of riding an e-bike. ‘Beantown’ was in fact one of the first capital cities in America to introduce a bike-sharing system, as well as one of the first to punish motorists for injuring cyclists. Boston was made for e-bike riding, it’s your time to get on board. 

Riding an e-bike is easy in Boston 

The state of Massachusetts defines an e-bike as a "motorized bicycle" as long as the bike does not exceed a maximum speed of 25 mph (ours don’t). There are considerably fewer barriers to entry to getting on a Zoomo e-bike than driving a car or moped, making it easier than ever to get on the road and into delivery work. 

E-bikes were made for Boston 

E-bikes are a perfect addition to this historic city. The infrastructure is there, and we are confident our new store will open a host of opportunities for local riders. 

For anyone in Boston wanting a better way to navigate the city, whether you’re a seasoned courier or a commuter wanting to rent an e-bike, we’d love to welcome you to service.

Join our waitlist to be the first to get a Zoomo electric bike. Sign up today and take $50 off your first rental.

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