Why more companies need to follow Ford’s ‘Park the Car’ initiative

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May 23, 2022
Updated on:
September 10, 2023

Lisa Conibear, Zoomo’s Regional Director for UK and Europe, praises Ford’s ‘Park the Car’ initiative

It’s so pleasing to see Ford come out and publicly encourage alternative methods of travel to cars, from a sustainability perspective ‘Park the Car’* should have a massive impact! You have to give Ford the utmost respect for speaking out like this, this is so refreshing and we really need more industry leaders to follow suit and discuss what we can all do to help the climate. 

At Zoomo, we appreciate that certain journeys and deliveries cannot be completed on a bike, whether that is because of long distances or the size of the delivery. Yet we agree with Ford that journeys under 5km don't need to be made in a car, and if individuals or businesses can utilise e-bikes for these short journeys they’ll notice a whole heap of benefits. E-bikes are far more accessible than cars or mopeds across urban areas, and will quicken most journeys with riders not having to worry about traffic jams for example. They’re pleasing on the eye, and bring noticeable social benefits including improved health and happier journeys. And as Ford alluded to, the sustainable advantages are immense, if we all replaced unnecessary drives with a walk or a ride we’d reduce our carbon footprint significantly.

Throughout the past few years we have helped a variety of individual riders and businesses utilise these benefits, and if more follow Ford’s calls to ‘Park the Car’ then we will all be doing our bit to look after the planet. 

Moving away from petrol vehicles can be daunting, however I can guarantee that the second you give an e-bike a chance and experience its benefits yourselves, you won’t regret it. A world where all last-mile journeys are completed on light electric vehicles isn’t far away, but we need more companies like Ford to take the plunge.  

So kudos to Ford for stepping up and speaking out, let’s hope they are the first of many!

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