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August 13, 2021
Updated on:
September 4, 2023

Riding The Wave Of Change - The Rise Of Electric Cargo Trikes

In cities all over the world, a transformation is occurring. Reducing congestion on roads that were once gridlocked, space is being made for electric bikes, electric cargo trikes and e-bikes with cargo trailers. These vehicles are able to facilitate delivery that is up to 60% more efficient in cities. They also save users money on fuel costs; fleet bikes can save organisations thousands each year. 

Change is important especially if we are to meet climate goals such as those set out by the United Nations. Cargo bikes have been shown to cut carbon emissions by 90% when compared to diesel vans. However, we still have a way to go. Recent research estimates that over 50% of all motorised freight trips could shift from car to cargo bike or trike in the coming years. 

In this article, we explore the benefits of electric cargo trikes and fleet bikes in comparison to trucks and cars. 

Electric Cargo Trikes For Efficiency 

For delivery companies, speed is the most valuable resource. Whether making last mile deliveries or transporting goods between sites, gaining the competitive advantage and ensuring great customer service means focusing on efficiency. 

Several studies have shown how cargo bikes can make urban freight more efficient. Their ability to use cycle lanes and bus lanes as well as to park closer to the delivery location allows cargo trikes assisted electrically to take the advantage in built-up areas. 

Able to carry up to 1200 lbs (or 500 kgs), our electric trikes offer a range of cargo rig configuration options to streamline delivery. Ideal for the most common grocery and parcel delivery use cases, configuration allows for easy access and true efficiency. In the coming months, we will also offer groceries and container rigs.

Affordable Fleet Bikes

We also include rear racks on all of our e-bikes for cargo carrying. With 500lb tow capacity and the possibility to add a cargo trailer which carries up to 1000lb, fleet bikes are another highly effective solution to save time and money. 

One study showed that, on average, using e-bikes and cargo trailers instead of cars and vans saves companies €920 per vehicle per year. 

The Impact Of Electric Trikes On Sustainability

Electric trikes and e-bikes will play a key role in improving the sustainability of delivery transport, providing a great alternative to the commonly used and highly polluting vans. 

According to a recent study, e-bikes and electric trikes cut carbon emissions by 90% compared to diesel vans. In introducing just 100,000 cargo bikes to Europe, the amount of CO2 needed to fly 24,000 people from London to New York and back was estimated to have been saved.

The same study illustrated the impact that e-bikes could have on reducing air pollution. Vans in particular contribute heavily to air pollution levels, with the UK recording 92.4k tonnes of

NOx from vans in 2018. In promoting cleaner air and lower energy consumption, e-bikes and trikes are an obvious choice. 

At Zoomo, we have the funding, supply and operations to scale your fleet. To find out more about our tailored e-bike and electric trike solutions, click here.

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