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June 8, 2022
Updated on:
May 16, 2024

Why every week can be Bike Week for businesses

We’ve been so fortunate to work with a variety of businesses across the globe, providing them with premium-designed e-bikes and the wonderful benefits they provide. 

As we reach Bike Week*, where communities across the UK celebrate the benefits cycling brings to everyday lives, Zoomo however believes that if you ride our bikes every week can be Bike Week, and that for businesses a fleet of e-bikes provides a mountain of positives to help them shift to the next level. 

Business is expensive, but less so on an e-bike

‘Cost of living’, ‘inflation’, ‘petrol prices’, it's almost impossible for businesses to avoid the rising implications of these on a daily basis. We appreciate just how expensive doing business is in the current environment, yet a simple solution for businesses that use vehicles regularly is to switch to one that is cheaper to maintain. Enter e-bikes, whether you are a multinational post & parcel business or a convenience store with five petrol mopeds, the financial savings you could make after switching from mopeds or cars are significant.  

A fleet of e-bikes mitigates the rising cost of petrol, it reduces the need for large storage spaces, with businesses likewise saving on factors such as reduced insurance, less parking permits, the list goes on. In a world where the price of everything is going up, a fleet of e-bikes provides a cost-efficient alternative for businesses conducting short-distance journeys, and is a necessary tool to remain profitable during a difficult environment. 

Time is money 

Time is so important for a variety of reasons, and last-mile businesses require the optimal and most efficient vehicle over this distance if they are to stay ahead of the competition.  

Across the last-mile there is no better vehicle for businesses than an e-bike. They are quick, agile, can ride across areas that cars or mopeds can’t, and can park almost anywhere. Petrol vehicles have long been deemed the easiest logistics or delivery option, yet these drivers waste so much time every day stuck in traffic or venturing out of the way to park for example. Urban mobility is so much simpler on an e-bike, and will help businesses transform their logistics fleet into a well-oiled, efficient service that can maintain customer satisfaction.


ESG seems to be on the tip of most businesses' tongues, the need to meet sustainable pledges is crucial to success, yet often difficult to execute. Transport and logistics can make up a considerable proportion of a business's carbon footprint, with customers often turning their back on businesses if they are making too many unnecessary journeys on gas-guzzling vehicles that are harming the environment.

The carbon footprint of an e-bike is considerably lower than a moped or car, research has shown that businesses can reduce C02 emissions by 75% by switching deliveries from vans to e-bikes. Transport is at the heart of the sustainable push with the vehicles used at the heart of this, with e-bikes fundamental for businesses wanting to step up and make a difference. 

E-bikes = happy employees

E-bikes can bring significant social benefits for businesses, we’ve seen with our partners the joy our bikes give to riders and how much this can improve productivity. 

First and foremost, e-bikes are an easy way for employees to stay active, bringing long-term health benefits. Frequent riding also brings proven mental health advantages, especially if they are riding an e-bike that has been designed for durability and comfort (guess who!). 

Zoomo’s ‘why’ has always been to improve the dignity of couriers, so we designed an e-bike that riders would feel proud of when riding. If more businesses trusted e-bikes like ours as a simple way to boost employee happiness, whether this is for delivery, commuting, or any other form of transportation, they might just see productivity and output skyrocket. 

The vehicle of the future 

We are so confident that Zoomo’s e-bikes are the future of micromobility, and can be an integral partner for businesses wanting to shift to the modern way of doing business. 

Cities are turning against petrol vehicles. Whether that’s by enlarging bike lanes or increasing low emission zones, urban areas are preparing for the next wave of urban mobility. E-bikes are not just cost-efficient, sustainable, and timely, they provide a vision of the future, and for any business with a fleet of vehicles, it's time to consider the future of micromobility. 

So for this Bike Week, think of how a fleet of Zoomo e-bikes can help your business. There’s a revolution happening across the urban mobility sector, it's time to get onboard!

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