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May 19, 2022
Updated on:
May 16, 2024

Circles.Life x Zoomo: Ride with peace of mind mobile data

As delivery riders zip around the city, it is essential that these cyclists have high speed data to ensure they have adequate directions and can accept as many trips as possible.

To ensure Zoomo riders have easy access to big data, little bills and no commitment mobile plans, we have partnered with Circles.Life.

Whether you're a commuter or a courier, having reliable and fast data is an essential part in getting you from point A to point B safely. With live updating directions and unlimited call and text, Zoomo riders can now rest assured they are in the best hands when it comes to their mobile plan.

Circles.Life x Zoomo

To kick our partnership into full gear, Circles.Life took a Zoomo Classic out and about in Sydney to see exactly what is achievable when we pair up.

Zoomo riders are offered an exclusive discount with Circles.Life to help you save more and ride longer. Starting from $13 a month you can enjoy 50GB of data. Check out all our different plans now! 

After Ana, Circles.Life’s Social Media Lead, explored Sydney, we asked her a few questions on her experience.

“I’m not the most active person, but I managed to clock over 60km riding and it was a great workout but completely manageable”

Describe riding a Zoomo e-bike in 3 words

  1. Freedom
  2. Fun 
  3. Affordable 

What was your highlight of your day our on a Zoomo Zero?

There were too many to count! At one point I saw another Zoomo rider and we looked at each other as friends haha, also when I rode to Barangaroo Park and the breathtaking view. The ease of navigating around the city was also awesome and made it even more fun. The whole day was a highlight.”

What pleasantly surprised you the most on your e-bike day out?

“How fast I adapted to it. It’s been so long since I have ridden a bike and I’ve never ridden and electric bike so I was slightly intimidated but the team was so helpful and it more more fun than I thought.”

Compared to your normal mode of transport, what key benefits did you find from swapping to an e-bike for the day?

“I got to explore areas I normally wouldn't due to accessibility and the cost of driving and parking, plus the freedom of riding around the city and seeing it from a new perspective was exciting. It was very easy to navigate the roads with road users and footpath users being very accommodating. Also, the safety of knowing it has a GPS tracking made me feel safe in knowing I can lock it up anywhere with no worries.”

How did you navigate?

“Zoomo is great because they equipped their bikes with very stable and strong phone holders so I used my phone to navigate Sydney  and lucky for me with my Circles.Life plan and coverage I wasn't worried about my service lagging or dropping out. The last thing you need when traveling is for your GPS to buffer and my service keeps up with me every step of the way, making it so easy for me to get around.”

Check out the Video Ana put together of her Zooming around Sydney CBD on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. 

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