March 10, 2022
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May 16, 2024

The Ultimate Guide to Delivering using Uber Eats via E-Bike

Over the last few years in the United Kingdom, Uber Eats played a critical role in helping to deliver food and other essentials to communities amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, a large number of people chose to become delivery people in order to sustain regular work and income, as well as provide societal support within these unprecedented times.

During this time, e-bikes have grown in popularity, specifically within the delivery industry. This is due to the increasing acknowledgement of the safety benefits, sustainable impact and cost efficiency associated with using a light electric vehicle. In addition, ditching a car also positively impacts one's physical and mental wellbeing by promoting mobility and decreasing stress, especially when it's a traffic-related irritation.

In this article, we’re going to explore how delivering using the Uber Eats app via e-bike can reshape your urban lifestyle for the better by boosting efficiency, saving time, decreasing affiliated costs and keeping you safe and satisfied on the UK roads. We’ll also show you how to get started delivering by bike using the Uber Eats app.

Ride Away From Traffic For Good

The UK is home to a variety of major cities, the most famous and subsequently the most congested of which is none other than London! 

For the purpose of this blog, we are going to use London as our case study as it has recently been ranked the most congested UK city*, followed by Lincoln and Bristol. 

In 2020, London road users lost an estimated 69 hours due to traffic*. This lost time spent between bumpers at a standstill is completely avoidable by ditching the car and switching to a bike or e-bike, especially for delivery people who tend to cover great distances confined within small parameters.

Riding an e-bike enables you to dodge traffic jams safely by utilizing cycle routes and side streets that cars and buses cannot. You can also bypass parks and therefore have the capacity to save a lot of valuable delivery time by avoiding busy urban city streets.

Being a delivery person using the Uber Eats app means jumping on your bike, easily parking and dropping goods off with fast last-mile delivery times. For these reasons, it is no surprise that e-bike are rapidly growing closer to being a delivery person’s favorite delivery vehicle.

Safety as #1 priority

The main priority when it comes to delivery people is ensuring their safety at all times while on the roads. As briefly mentioned, the best part about riding by bike is that they have the capacity to stay separate from cars, buses and other large vehicles through side alleys, parks and bike paths. 

Trustworthy e-bike distributors, like Zoomo, also fit out their bikes with lights and other hardware to ensure they can be seen both during the day and at night, to keep delivery people safe and confident. In order to ensure your ride is as safe as possible, it is also recommended that delivery people service their bikes regularly to ensure the hardware and software is functioning optimally and keeping you safe.

A More Affordable Mode of Transport

Your trips will become significantly more efficient on an e-bike in comparison to its conventional counterpart. With the assisted power of the electric motor, you can deliver for more time without exerting great amounts of energy. No longer do you have to fear riding uphill, long strenuous trips or heavy deliveries as e-bikes do the work for you allowing you to make the most money you can.

When bought outright, e-bikes should be approached as an investment. They are not cheap, but they are less than a car, and if cared for properly should not require much more than regular servicing and maintenance. 

You can also say forever goodbye to petrol costs and road taxes, which although are small fees, accumulate over time to a significant sum.

Cost of servicing cars or e-bikes in the UK

The average cost of running a car is greatly dependent on where you are located, however, again, for the purpose of this report we will be focusing on London as it tends to be the most expensive**. According to a NerdWallet Survey, the average Londoner spends on average £496.85 a month to run their car**, not taking into consideration the outright purchase price. 

An e-bike is therefore significantly less expensive due to the absence of petrol costs and road taxes. Additionally, the services and maintenance that may be required for an e-bike, including a part replacement, is significantly less than a car. Some providers even provide this maintenance for free like Zoomo.

Cycling with Zoomo

We do all we can to ensure delivery riding is as stress-free, safe, efficient, and enjoyable as possible. 
See some tips for riding safely below for more e-bike tips subscribe to our Youtube channel.

A Positive Lifestyle Shift

Last, but absolutely not least, delivery riding using an e-bike as your primary mode of transport will have a significant, positive impact on your overall lifestyle.

Not only does the efficiency of your trips allow you to complete more trips and earn more, but it gets you out of the confines of a car and out in the fresh air, mobilizing your body. It is a complete restructure to a positive and active lifestyle. 

If prioritizing your mental wellbeing isn't enough for you, delivery riding via electric bike also benefits the environment as it is an innovative, green and sustainable vehicle. By making the switch to an electric bicycle you are actively redefining urban transport to acknowledge and appreciate sustainable living and riding. 

How to get started delivering via electric bike using the Uber Eats App

How to sign up as a delivery person with Uber Eats 

Sign up to deliver with Uber Eats by bike here. There are a few background checks, but the process is much simpler through an e-bike account because you don’t need a drivers licence to apply! Click the link to find out more about applying to be a cyclist.

Check out Zoomo’s flexible payment options to get you up and earning to your most efficient and successful capacity.

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