Why electric bikes are the best vehicles for Uber Eats delivery

July 14, 2020
Updated on:
September 10, 2023

Our cities have always relied on the work of delivery couriers to keep running. Now more than ever there is a need for goods to be delivered, and jobs are increasing each day.

Bikes are much cheaper than cars or scooters, without any need for fuel or tolls, but what’s the difference between push bikes and an e-bike? Is it really worth getting an e-bike to make deliveries?

1. Less effort – the best of both worlds

With e-bikes, you keep all the mobility and manoeuvrability of a bicycle, but with the added bonus of assisted riding. E-bikes make riding twice as easy as push bikes and particularly come in handy when riding up hills or over long distances. Save your energy with an e-bike and pedal less for the same distance. The electronically charged motor means delivery just got a whole lot easier for you.

2. Earn up to 30% more on an e-bike

The reality is that however you choose to get around as a delivery courier, the more work you’re able to do the more you’ll be earning. Work smarter, not harder. With an e-bike, delivery couriers are able to make, on average, 30% more deliveries than on standard push bikes. More deliveries = more money.

3. More affordable than a car or scooter

E-bikes are generally cheaper than a car or scooter, however buying one outright can still be expensive. For a more affordable option, renting an e-bike gives you all the benefits of ownership without having to spend lots of money. Zoomo offers affordable weekly packages so you can get on the road today!

4. No ongoing costs

E-bikes don't require a drivers license, petrol or registration. Unlike cars which can have hefty servicing costs, e-bikes are cheap to ride. Just remember to charge your battery before each shift. Plus, Zoomo offers FREE ongoing maintenance and servicing to your bike so you never have to worry it.

5. Safe and street legal

Zoomo e-bikes come with integrated lights to keep you safe on the road and all of our bikes meet Australian safety standards. We regularly service all our bikes so we know they are in good condition.

If you’re looking to get started as a delivery courier, Zoomo has everything you need to get started.

Ready to get riding? Choose your new electric bike and get started today.

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