A Smarter and Cheaper Way to Commute to Work in Melbourne

December 10, 2020
Updated on:
May 16, 2024

As Melbournians exit another lockdown and reintegrate into restaurants, their friends' houses, and workplaces, trying to get around the once again busy city becomes a rather irritating topic.

Introducing our simple and cost effective solution to this internal dilemma, electric bikes. The E-bike industry has rapidly grown over the past few years as it offers mental and physical wellbeing benefits that no other vehicle can. Using an E-bike also significantly reduces your personal contribution of carbon emissions unlike petrol based transport like buses and cars.

As the City of Melbourne Council continues to upgrade and extend their protected bike lanes across the CBD and surrounding suburbs, cycling in this bike friendly city continues to become easier and easier. With city planning and infrastructure built to help you cycle quickly from place A to place B, why wouldnt you invest in an E-bike?

With Melboune being one of the cooler cities in Australia (mind the pun), the weather is perfect for commuting by E-bike. Aside from footpaths, an E-bike can go almost anywhere, including shortcuts that other vehicles cannot, like through parks and small alleyways. As a city, Melbourne is also relatively flat which is perfect for any kind of cycling.

Instead of sitting in traffic, an E-bike gives you the freedom to ride open air around Melbourne, all while saving money and time. It is a lifestyle change that promotes healthy habits like light physical activity, being outdoors and spending more time doing the things you love, rather than wasting it in traffic.

You can ditch the trams, the hot buses and the late trains, with E-bikes like Zoomo. On average, Australians spend 6 hours per week commuting to work but with an E-bike you may be able to get some of this stolen time back. 

To prove this to you, we have created a list of the time taken to get into Melbourne’s CBD during peak hour from some areas around Melbourne. Take a look at the stolen time you could be taking back by cycling on the city cycle route via a Zoomo E-bike.

St Kilda: 35 minutes by car, 28 minutes on a bus, only 24 minutes on an E-bike.

St Kilda to Melbourne by Car
St Kilda to Melbourne by Public transport
St Kilda to Melbourne by E-bike

Collingwood: 20 minutes by car, 20 minutes on a bus, only 14 minutes on an E-bike.

Collingwood to Melbourne by Car
Collingwood to Melbourne by Public transport
Collingwood to Melbourne by E-bike

26 minutes by car, 24 minutes on public transport, only 19 minutes on an E-bike.

Brunswick to Melbourne by Car
Brunswick to Melbourne by Public transport
Brunswick to Melbourne by E-bike

It is also important to note that these times do not take into account how long it takes to find a park and are generalised from area to area rather than door to door… two factors that make commuting via car or public transport significantly longer.

Now you’re probably thinking, this all sounds great but how do I know which one to get and I bet it is expensive? This is where Zoomo comes in…

Zoomo is more than an E-bike company, it’s a lifestyle choice that gets you to your destination quickly, comfortably and COVID safely.  

Although a Zoomo E-bike’s slick appearance and innovative technology is definitely something to show off to your friends, it is also a major lifestyle change that will better yourself and the environment. With a battery power motor, Zoomo E-bikes help you cruise up any hill and past traffic without breaking a sweat. Whether you’re using our E-bikes to get to work or your favourite coffee shop, there are not many better ways to beat the morning traffic.

At Zoomo we offer free test rides on all our E-bikes so you can try it yourself and see the value first hand in changing to an electric bike.

Not only is a Zoomo E-bike quicker, but our commuter bike is lighter on your wallet as well. With our subscriptions starting at $29 a week and the average Melbournian spending $44 a week on public transport, that’s a 34% saving in your weekly transport expenses and a staggering $780 over a whole year! Not to mention we also offer no lock in contracts, free servicing and maintenance as well as 24 hour customer support services. 

We also have a variety of E-bike accessories and parts to customise your bike and make it more safe and fun to ride. Some popular add ons to our E-bikes include rear racks and phone mounts.

These are just a few benefits of cycling to work on a Zoomo electric bike. We offer one week subscriptions, free of charge, for you to try our E-bike and fall in love with the ease and convenience they offer.

Why not try a smarter way to get around Melbourne this summer?

Book your test ride now!

With our range of E-bikes, there is a bike for everyone and anyone. Check them out here...


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