A Smarter and Cheaper Way to Commute to Work in Melbourne

December 10, 2020

Zoomo is more than an E-bike company, it’s a lifestyle choice! And it’s becoming easier and easier to cycle your way around Melbourne. Enjoy the fresh air, open air travel all while saving money and time with the best electric bike deal in town! Get Around Smarter.

With lockdown easing (thank you Mr Andrews) we can finally enjoy our Summer days and nights, and there is no better way to do so than riding a Zoomo E-Bike around the city. With our range of E-bikes, there is a bike for everyone and anyone.

The pedal assisted E-bikes are far more than a novelty toy that you show off to your friends (even though it’s a pretty cool toy to have), but a lifestyle change for the better. With battery power that helps you cruise up any hill and past traffic without breaking a sweat, there’s not too many better ways to beat the morning traffic or ride to your favourite brunch spot or coffee shop.  At Zoomo we are offering free test rides on all our E-bikes so you can try it before and see the value in the change to an E-bike. We also have  E-bike accessories and parts to make it even more safe and fun to ride.

We can ditch the crowded trams, the hot busses and the late trains, and E-bike our way around. With an average of 7 hours per week spent on commuting to work by Australians, you could be getting your stolen time back to enjoy the better things in life. We have made a list of the time taken to come into Melbourne’s CBD during peak hour from some areas around Melbourne. Take a look of all of your stolen time you could be taking back by cycling on the city cycle routes on an E-bike.

St Kilda Beach: 35 minutes in the car, 35 minutes on public transport, but only 26 minutes on an E-bike.

Collingwood: 22 minutes by car, 21 minutes on a bus, but only 14 minutes on an E-bike.

Brunswick: 28 minutes by car, 25 minutes on public transport, but only 19 minutes on an E-bike.

Not only is it quicker but our fast commuter bike is lighter on the wallet as well with our E-bike subscription starting at $29 and the average Melbournian spending $44 a week on public transport, that's a 34% saving in your weekly transport expenses and a staggering $780 over a whole year! Not to mention we also offer no lock in contracts, free servicing and maintenance as well as 24-hour customer support services. These are just a few benefits of cycling to work on a Zoomo electric bike.  For a limited time, we are offering one month subscriptions free of charge for you to try our E-bikes and fall in love with the ease and convenience they offer.  

Why not try a smarter way to get around Melbourne this summer?

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