Change your Sydney commute.

December 9, 2020

Get to the Beach or the City Smarter

Zoomo is more than just an e-bike company. Subscribe & ride with our value-packed offerings including free ongoing maintenance.

Time for an upgrade

There’s a better way to get around. Cheaper, faster, and better for you and the environment. Ditch the traffic and join the thousands of Aussies who are getting around on e-bikes. The average Australian spends more than 7 hours a week travelling to and from the office. Considering what a large portion of your life that adds up to, you want to make sure you’re doing it right. 

Good news, there is a better way. 

No pain

We're Zoomo - an Australian e-bike rental company with something to suit every rider. Say goodbye to sitting on the bus (or watching it drive past with no space for more passengers). No more traffic jams at peak hour. Put that Uber money back into your wallet. The solution is simple. Change your daily commute and ride an e-bike around town. 

Check it out. We've compiled average trip duration from Sydney CBD to these popular destinations:

Bondi Beach: 44 minutes on the bus, 25 minutes in a car, 20 minutes on a Zoomo e-bike.

Newtown: 18 minutes on the train, 22 minutes in a car, 14 minutes on a Zoomo e-bike.

Coogee Beach: 39 minutes on the train, 22 minutes in a car, 23 minutes on a Zoomo e-bike.

Watsons Bay: 60 minutes on the train, 28 minutes in a car, 40 minutes on a Zoomo e-bike.

All gain

Zoomo’s bikes are electrically assisted, which means you can ride faster and longer with less effort. Take on hills, no sweat. Our batteries last for up to 9 hours, which means you’ll always have plenty of juice to make the journey. Plus, with Zoomo, all the maintenance is included in your rental fee. So your bike will always be in tiptop condition and serviced by an expert. 

Get out and enjoy the city with Zoomo. It’s a great decision for your health and a good contribution to the environment. Our e-bikes emit 10x less CO2 Emission than a car.

Save more

Sign up with Zoomo today and we’ll give you your first month for free. That’s at least 40 commutes, completely free. Find out more about our bikes and plans, and choose the right one for your new commute. Zoomo can also come out cheaper than your Opal card!

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