Zoomo x DoorDash: Facilitating change to support a more sustainable world

April 22, 2022
Updated on:
September 10, 2023

People across the globe will be considering their impact on the environment a little more thoroughly this week, as we celebrate International Earth Day. For some, this may involve setting sustainable challenges for their household, for others it may be as simple as reflecting on their personal environmental impact. 

The team at Zoomo, in partnership with DoorDash, want to wish you a very happy Earth Day and invite you to join our journey in transforming urban transit. 

This year's Earth Day theme is “invest in our planet.”* We’re proud to provide delivery riders with Light Electric Vehicle (LEVs) for an environmentally friendly ride.

Investing in our planet can mean different things to different people. Our passionate team spent some time talking about what it means for them.

A Sustainable Delivery Solution

When it comes to generating greenhouse gas emissions, we should all do our part to reduce our carbon footprint. With this in mind, DoorDash, in partnership with Zoomo, is working to lessen the impact that people making deliveries have on the environment by encouraging them to opt for cleaner vehicles that promote sustainability.

Aiming to cut the total Co2 output within the rapidly growing last-mile delivery sector is just one of Zoomo’s many eco-conscious missions. To do this, Zoomo aspires to transition every urban mile from cars and trucks to LEVs, reducing the overall carbon footprint of each delivery.

Our Collaborative Goal

As partners, Zoomo and DoorDash have come together to collaboratively decrease each rider’s environmental footprint within the delivery industry. An e-bike is an effective alternative to gas fuelled vehicles, producing significantly less emissions.

Green vehicles allow you to take the future of our planet into your hands. An e-bike emits 1/10 of the amount of CO2 that a car produces. Although this may seem like just a small adjustment, your eco-conscious investment has significantly beneficial long term implications.

Thinking of switching up your commute? This Earth Day we encourage you to “invest in our planet” and consider the greener, electric alternative, a Zoomo e-bike

Like our mission? Join our team!

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