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October 12, 2022
Updated on:
May 16, 2024

How we make money is constantly changing in the new age of work.

With DoorDash, delivery riding enables a flexible earning alternative for passionate individuals, who are ‘dashing to their goals’. It’s not just the ways we earn that are changing, how we get around is also transforming thanks to the electric revolution.

Now more than ever, people are individualising how they earn money to make progress towards their goals by saving in a way that compliments their lifestyle, whether they're saving for a fun night out or to pay their bills.

As a result of this, delivery riding via e-bike is constantly growing in popularity as people aim to earn actively, quickly and efficiently using light electric vehicle’s (LEVs) AKA e-bikes.

When you dash on a Zoomo e-bike you enable faster routes and drop-offs by riding past traffic and having unlimited parking capacity. It’s time to dash to your goals with a Zoomo e-bike and here is why!  

#1: A Cheaper Dash

When it comes to getting on the road and earning, dashing with Zoomo has no initial upfront costs.

Signing up with DoorDash is completely free, and even includes a DoorDash activation kit and background check. All you need to start dashing to your goals is a mode of transport and a smartphone. It’s that simple.

Getting yourself a set of wheels has also never been cheaper or easier. Jump on a Zoomo e-bike with your first 2 weeks free when you prove in-store that you ride with DoorDash.  

Forget tolls, forget registration fees and forget parking tickets, dashing on an e-bike can help you earn to your maximal potential with no fees.

#2 A Sustainable and Efficient Dash

Electric is the future.

Majority of the trips accepted by Dashers are only a few kilometres, especially in inner cities. With deliveries being in such close proximity, the use of cars and other motor vehicles is completely unnecessary. Using petrol cars, scooters or motorbikes, is emitting a range of pollutants on short and quick trips that would have ultimately been avoidable through the use of an e-bike.

Not only is using motorised vehicles unsustainable for our environment, but sometimes it can be  less efficient than an e-bike. Once you add in the extra time thanks to traffic and limited parking in the dense urban landscape, your trip will most likely be longer in a car than on an e-bike.

#3 A Simple Dash

To get started with DoorDash, the process is simple.

Sign up, choose how you want to drive, complete your background check, then get the app and GO!

The only requirements are that you are 18 years of age or older, have an e-bike at the ready (or any other mode of transport) and consent to a background check to ensure you are fit to work.

Sign Up to Dash

#4 A Flexible Dash

When it comes to dashing with Zoomo, location is not a boundary as long as you have your smartphone and your e-bike.

Whether you are at home or visiting a new place, you can earn when and where you want with DoorDash. No need to tell anyone your availability, just head to the app and start earning.

It’s your bike, it’s your time and you are the boss.

“The best part is the flexibility of work hours. Being able to decide my own schedule is such a wonderful opportunity.” - JP (Dasher)

#5 A Rewarding Dash

DoorDash wants to make your experience the best it can be, so they have a range of reward possibilities in place to keep you safe, happy and motivated while on the roads.

For a limited time, when you become a Dasher, you will receive a free activation kit valued at $150 and two weeks free on a Zoomo e-bike rental until 30 November 2022. Ride away with a DoorDash bag filled with different items to keep you safe on your e-bike.

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