Delivery Riding: An International Students' Favourite Job

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January 4, 2022
Updated on:
May 16, 2024

As borders begin to reopen after what feels like an eternity of lockdowns, COVID tests and isolation, the majority of states in Australia are welcoming back international travel with open arms. 

With tourists and expats making their way down under, so too are international students wishing to study abroad. Although these people are coming primarily to pursue their education, it is popular among students to pick up casual or part-time work. Having some form of income enables them to finance their student lifestyles and explore Australia with no limitations.

On a student visa, international students are eligible to work up to 40 hours per fortnight, which equates to either casual or part-time employment. One of the most popular jobs across these young people is delivery riding via one of the many courier service apps available in Australia.

In this blog we detail the benefits of being a casual or part-time courier, specifically on an e-bike, and will also provide next steps should you be interested in pursuing this idea further.

Financing Your Student Experience In Australia

Studying in Australia is many things: it’s unique, it’s adventurous and it’s really fun , but one thing it is not is cheap. The average tuition cost for an undergraduate degree is $15,000 to $33,000 per year, without the additional costs required for those attending from a foreign country.

When it comes to expenses, an international student can expect to pay for accommodation, food, transport, travel, partying, and likely a decent amount of avocado toast (an Australian favourite). You can find a large proportion of these young people in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane due to the diverse range of universities on offer as well as the abundance of opportunities they present for exploration.

In order to finance this lifestyle, students get income from parent allowances and student loans, however international students in need of extra cash do tend to pick up casual or part time jobs.

Delivery By Bike: Your Dream Job

Life as a student is intense. Most of the year is spent juggling heavy work loads and busy timetables, not to mention the added stress of integrating into a new culture as an international student. Add all these factors together and the time left to earn money is rather sparse. However becoming a courier accommodates this busy lifestyle.

App based couriers are essentially their own bosses. When they work, where they work and how long they work for is completely up to them to decide on a day by day basis. This type of workplace flexibility is ideal for international students and unmatched in many other casual and part-time work environments. 

Another major advantage for overseas students working as couriers is that they get to know the city while they work. Becoming familiar with your environment is an important adjustment when moving to a different country. For this reason, feign people naturally gravitate toward delivery riding as they get paid to explore new areas every single day! 

Couriers also become well acquainted with some of the best restaurants in the city, and know where and when to eat with their mates on their days off.

But How Does It Compare To Other Student Jobs?

Other popular jobs for students do not provide the same flexibility of that in the courier industry, where you create your own hours on a daily basis. Administration roles, construction workers, nannying gigs and hospitality staff typically are required to input their availability in advance in order to lock in shift work and set hours. This does not accommodate for last minute assessment rushes and potential all nighters, leaving students stressed and unable to complete their work on time.

Some of these jobs additionally require certain training and qualifications which requires the investment of both time and money. For example, you may need white card (previously known as a blue card) in order to work in construction, or alternatively if you wish to work in a bar or restaurant you may be required to get your Responsible Service of Alcohol license (RSA).

When you become a courier, none of this is necessary, all you need is a bike and a smartphone.  

The Ease of the E-bike

Couriers, especially those on student visas or similar, love delivering via bikes and e-bikes. Unlike cars and motorcycles, bikes and e-bikes don't require any license documents to operate. 

This, in addition to the price of rental or purchase, makes bikes and e-bikes far cheaper and easier for international students to buy. 

However, riding around on a heavy bike for multiple hours at a time can be tiresome work, which is where the e-bike overtakes its conventional counterpart. 

E-bikes are simple and straightforward to operate, however their motors provide you with the assistance you need to increase or maintain your speed for a comfortable, safe and enjoyable ride.

Courier bikes may suffer some level of wear and tear, simply due to their high level of use and heavy loads. Due to this, bikes and e-bikes may require a service or repair. With a Zoomo e-bike this foreseen disadvantage is no longer your problem. Zoomo provides free servicing and maintenance to ensure you and your bike are riding around optimally at all times.

This innovative technology is quickly taking over the courier industry, as people continue to acknowledge the personal and environmental benefits of switching to e-bikes, including skipping traffic, utilising shortcuts, spending more time outdoors, keeping fit and shortening trip times.

When it comes to acquiring an e-bike, look no further. Zoomo has got you covered. Forget about large, pocket burning investments and explore Zoomo’s flexible payment options, including simple weekly subscription plans.

Additionally, our Zoomo stores are located in close proximity to University campuses. Should you need to book in for a service, chat to one of our experts or book a test ride, rest assured our locations are an easy walk away.

Get Started As A Courier

Do you want to become a courier? We have outlined the process to getting started below.

First, you will need an Australian Business Number or ABN, as you are working for yourself. To do so click here and follow the prompts.

You will also need to set up a food delivery account. Australia has a variety of different businesses offering to facilitate courier drivers, so choose the one that best suits you and create a profile.

Next, you will need a vehicle. If it wasn't obvious, e-bikes are the go to vehicle for international students looking for a cheaper alternative to a car or motorbike, and less effort than a traditional push bike. Zoomo e-bikes are designed using advanced technology and design features. Zoomo also offers flexible plans, free servicing and theft cover. Check out our range of bikes here.

Finally, it is important to record your earnings and purchases for tax purposes. By holding onto these payments you may be able to make claims on these expenses and get some of the money back. 

Not 100% sold? Book a test ride on one of our world class bikes here!

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