January 12, 2022
Updated on:
September 4, 2023

The Ultimate Guide To: Caring For Your Zoomo E-bike

Zoomo e-bikes are made for the road. They are designed from the ground up to cover distance, bear significant load and keep you safe and comfortable whilst you zip around town. 

Zoomo e-bikes are engineered by experts and designed to last. However, there are still some things that you can do to help increase the longevity of your bike. 

Before You Ride

We know it can be tempting to jump straight onto your new e-bike and hit the pavement, but there are a few things that you should check before you start riding. 

Check Tyre Pressure

Like any vehicle, it is important to check your tyre pressure regularly. We suggest doing this at minimum every 1 or 2 weeks, depending on how much you ride. Ensuring your tyres are well maintained will not only increase the efficiency of your ride, but it will also keep you safe.

Check Brakes & Chains

Your e-bike’s brakes and chains are crucial to riding safely, so it’s important to keep tabs on their condition. Should either of them start to sound or feel different, we suggest booking your bike in for a service (which is included in your Zoomo subscription) via the Rider Hub. 

While You Ride

Don’t Let Your Bike Fall Over

No one likes toppling over, and neither does your bike. We recommend disembarking your bike safely and slowly, always ensuring the kick bar is down when you loosen your grip to prevent an unfortunate smash. Falls can result in damages to your bikes brakes, displays or gear shifting system. 

No Wheelies

They may look cool, but wheelies are the worst thing you can do to a bike. Wheelies regularly lead to accidents, putting both you and your bike in danger. Even if an accident does not happen (and trust us, eventually it will), this kind of riding will lead to long lasting issues with your bike.

No Drifting

Trust us, drifting is best left on the Mario Kart race track. 

Drifting destroys tyres. In fact, our team can spot this issue within seconds! Should your tyres need to be fixed or completely replaced, your bike will be off the roads and in the repair shop for sometime. 

Avoid Curbs and Glass

Although sometimes we cannot dodge unexpected curbs or shattered glass, we suggest you try to avoid them whenever possible. It will not come as any surprise to you that riding straight into these hazards will destroy your tyres. Without tyres, your bike is unrideable and will again leave you off the roads. 

Don’t Stand On One Pedal

Our pedals are strong and durable, however one arm cannot take your entire body weight. Should you stand on one pedal with all your weight, it is possible you could crack or break your bike's arm. This avoidable damage happens more often than you think, due to people’s lack of awareness regarding bike care and weight distribution.

No Locks On The Handlebar

Zoomo bikes are valuable pieces of hardware, and in bustling cities it is unsurprising that some people may attempt to steal them. Although Zoomo e-bikes have theft prevention technology, we do recommend you utilise a high quality lock to keep your bike safe.

It is important that you do not hang this lock on your handlebar or on top of the mudguard as they tend to be heavy and may become tangled in the bike hardware. Should this situation occur, your bike can become damaged. Instead, carry your lock in your backpack or fix it on top of the rear rack.

Be Gentle With The Keys 

The battery is arguably the most important part of your bike, which is why it is secured in place with a lock. When you take the battery out, we urge you to be gentle with the keys. If not, you may damage the key barrel which is not always an easy procedure to fix.

Adjust Your Seat The Right Way

Your seat alignment is vital for both a safe and comfortable ride. Should your seat be too high, or alternatively too low, you are more at risk of causing an accident as you are more likely to become unbalanced.

Need to adjust your seat? Follow these simple steps …

  1. Open the lever
  2. If your seat cannot be moved, adjust the nut on the other side
  3. Raise or lower your seat depending on your height
  4. Close the lever

Please note: You never want to twist the leaver, only twist the nut. 

Make sure the lever is closed before and while you ride.

After You Ride

When it’s time to get off your bike for the day, there are a variety of storage options and at home maintenance protocols you can follow to increase your bike's longevity and overall lifespan. 

Find Some Cover

We suggest you keep your bike covered from the rain and other weather conditions to prevent your e-bike from becoming damaged. Every person's storage space is different. For you covering your bike may entail throwing over a tarp, bringing your bike inside or relocating it into your garage, whatever suits you and your environment.

Don’t Forget To Clean Your Bike

It’s not the most glamorous job, but if you want your bike to last as long as possible, cleaning your bike is a must. Clean the chain with a cloth after you ride to prevent build ups of grease and other material which may impair your bike.

Zoomo bikes are built to ride around in the rain and even snow, however after this exposure you should degrease and lube your e-bike. For more information on riding in inclement, read our full blog here.

Check Up On Your Battery

When it comes to battery management, there are a few ways to maintain your e-bike’s performance and longevity. 

  1. Charge regularly and avoid waiting for the battery level to drop to less than 5 or 10%
  2. Once your battery is fully charged, make sure you disconnect it from the charger
  3. Charge your battery overnight, this way you can access cheaper electricity rates.

Incorporating these habits into your daily riding experience can have a beneficial long term effect on your Zoomo e-bike. Although it may seem like a lot of recommendations, the majority of these suggestions take less than a minute to implement and are second nature to bike riders.

For more tips and trips on taking care of your e-bike, be sure to check out the Zoomo blog.

If your Zoomo bike requires maintenance or servicing, please book an appointment via our Rider Hub.

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