Supporting businesses every step of the way


We offer three IoT enabled electric vehicles to suit all business needs, from cargo freight transport to tour guide vehicles.


Our financing plans flex to your business needs. Whether you want to buy, rent, or rent-to-own our vehicles.


You use the vehicle, we’ll take care of it. Enjoy peace of mind with full inventory repairs and maintenance.
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Our partners

Food delivery

Our e-bikes with optional delivery box have already proven to be the best-in-class for food delivery elites such as Dominos and Pizza Hut. Zoomo is also the official e-bike partner for Uber Eats globally.

Last mile delivery

Whether it's our Zoomo Zero with a trailer attached or one of our e-Trike options, Zoomo has been trusted by the likes of DHL, Stuart and many others.

For employees

Zoomo works with the likes of Dexus and Lendlease to offer e-bikes to employees looking for a cheap, fun and environmentally friendly way to commute for work. Tax benefits available. 

Pool vehicles

Zoomo works with bike tour operators, hotels, hostels, councils as well as corporate and residential developers to provide new and refurbished bikes. Docked options to enable hourly rental are also available. 
Our vehicles


Smartest e-bike on the market
Damage resistant components
Dynamic design
Perfect for commuters and couriers
120kg tow capacity

Trailer trike

Advanced tilt-shift engineering
Stable and mobile
Bosch Performance CX motor
Carries up to 120kg
Perfect for logistics of all kinds

Covered trike

Windshield for weather protection
Separated drivetrain
Storage for large deliveries
Carries up to 340kg
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