The best E-mopeds for delivery are coming to London

Earn more money

By riding a safe, fast electric moped, you complete orders quicker. On average, Zoomo riders earn 30% more than what they did before riding with Bolt.

Ride further

Don't get stuck with a dead battery. Zoomo's e-mopeds keep you on the road, with the best rental battery range in the UK with up to 100 miles of riding .

At the best price

Our bikes start at just £75 a week and include food delivery insurance, phone holder, lock and optional theft cover. There are no lock in contracts, so you're in control.

Ride your way.

Own the best e-mopeds for delivery, with powerful motors, long range
and with the ultimate flexibility of week to week rental.
All Zoomo mopeds come with everything you need to deliver, including food delivery insurance.


The Kumpan

Bring some German flair to your deliveries, with great range and power to power you along.

250w motor
3000w of power
75 mile range
Keyless start
45km/h top speed
Rent from £90/w Rent to own from £85/w

The Niu

Get a premium e-moped, with premium features and range for much less.

Dynamic digital display
USB Charging port
50 mile range
Energy recovery brakes
360° safe light system
Rent from £75/w Rent to own from £75/w

The Blitz

Ride as far as possible, deliver more effortlessly and earn more with The Blitz.

Full LED display
6000w of power
100 mile range
3.5 hour charge time
Combined braking system
Rent from £100/w Rent to own from £85/w


For when you just need the basics to power you on your way.

250w motor
4-6 hour battery life
40km range
Front suspension
25km/h top speed
12 weeks - $129/w26 weeks - $69/w52 weeks - $29/w


Powering over 1000 food delivery couriers for years across the globe.

250w motor
5-7 hour battery life
55km range
Hydraulic disk brakes
Seat suspension
12 weeks- $149/w26 weeks - $69/w52 weeks - $39/w


Ride further, and faster without needing to reach for your charger.

250w motor
6-8 hour battery life
70km range
Hydraulic disk brakes
12 weeks - $169/w26 weeks - $79/w52 weeks - $49/w
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