Delivering the future

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el futuro de la entrega


Delivering the future

Une livraison d'avenir


Delivering the future

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International 2021
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LDN / Par / VAL / SYD / MEL / BRI
Introducing the world’s first e-bike built for delivery
Zoomo provides utility e-bikes, auto-grade servicing, vehicle management software and flexible financing for the delivery sector. Our unique mix of hardware, software and servicing helps customers better prevent theft, maximise uptime and stay safe on the road.
Image: Zoomo Zero
2020 model
01 / Hardware
Tools, not toys
We’ve built fit-for-purpose utility vehicles for the delivery industry since our inception. This ensures maximum performance, durability and safety standards.
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02 / financing
Tailored plans
We believe in e-bikes, that’s why we believe in breaking the price barrier and making them accessible to everyone. Subscribe and get all the benefits of ownership, without the high price tag.
Our business partners
Since 2019, we've been partnering with delivery companies in Australia, the UK and US to provide bespoke delivery solutions for their staff, and high quality products for their customers.
Uber Eats
Avant Logistics
Just Eat Takeaway
03 / Software
A connected experience
Monitor, track and configure your e-bike from anywhere with Zoomo Online thanks to intelligent cellular iOT technology.
Our latest generation vehicles are equipped with cellular tracking technology to minimise theft and better track your fleet. Note: only available on 2021 models.
04 / Servicing
On-demand support
Enjoy peace of mind with servicing, repairs and 24/7 online customer support, all accessible through Zoomo Online
Never stress about
damage again
Save you time and money with our servicing and maintenance inclusions.
Expert mechanics,
quality components
Our experienced team of EV mechanics are specially trained to keep your vehicle on the road longer
Dedicated Customer
support team
Our 24/7 global customer support team is always there when you need them.
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