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Classic step-through

Tried and tested by thousands of riders, the Zoomo Commuter Classic is the all rounder's dream. A step through-frame makes this bike easily accessible to all shapes and sizes, and hydraulic brakes with seat suspension will help keep you (and your loved ones) safe on the road.

60km+ range on a single charge

Integrated front and rear lights

Fully adjustable sizing

Hydraulic disc brakes

Aluminium rear rack for accessories

Puncture resistant tyres

$29 per week

80km per week limit

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Classic step-over

Tried and tested by thousands of riders, the Zoomo Commuter Classic is the all rounder's dream. The step-over model comes in black or white, with the sharp edges to make people look twice as you ride past. Front and seat suspension will also give you extra support as you push up hills without breaking a sweat.

60km+ range on a single charge

Integrated front and rear lights

Front and seat suspension

Fully adjustable sizing

Aluminium rear rack for accessories

Puncture resistant tyres

$29 per week

80km per week limit

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Specially designed by our team for durability, the Zoomo Zero is the most reliable e-bike with the biggest range. Packed with software and hardware e-bike innovations such as an electronic lock, alarm system and GPS tracking, this is the next-gen e-bike for the modern day professional.

80km+ on a single charge

Integrated headlights

Remote controlled e-lock

Built-in alarm system


Seat suspension

Puncture resistant tyres

Modular bamboo rack for accessories

$39 per week

$300 refundable bond

$49 starter fee*


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Beat the traffic and skip the bus on your city e-bike featuring a powerful motor and 25km speed boost. Enough power to fly up hills and cruise home

Cheaper than your travel card, we offer affordable weekly subscriptions with the flexibility to try before you buy and cancel whenever you want

Help ease city congestion and join a sustainable way of living

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‘Fast, fun to ride, great battery life. I put the power on 5 and it goes like a car. I don't even need to pedal!’

'I’m finding it a great replacement for a car, for travelling distances that are too far to walk or inconvenient to get to on public transport.'

'It was very easy to use and intuitive to pick up. It also makes riding uphill much easier, allowing the focus of the ride to be on appreciating the scenery.'

Frequently asked questions

Can I try before I buy?

Yes! If you enjoy your experience on our e-bikes and decide to buy one afterwards, your $99 starter fee can be used as a credit towards the purchase of the bike you are riding, or another one of your choice. See refurbished bikes here.

What's the kilometre cap?

80km per week, which should be more than enough for day to day use.

Can I sign up here if I'm using the bike to do deliveries?

This package is only available for personal use. If you plan to use the bike for food delivery or other commercial purposes (e.g. delivering flyers or packages), you must book a delivery package which includes unlimited kilometres, free servicing, free flat tyres, free brake pad replacements and our roadside assistance service (in Sydney) which will keep you on the road and earning for as long as possible.

Are e-bikes suitable for beginners?

Definitely, in fact many beginners find e-bikes easier and safer to ride as they require less effort to pedal up hill. If you are unsure, just visit one of our workshops to have an e-bike specialist help you with a test ride

Are your bikes suitable for older people?

Yes, e-bikes are a much easier way for older and less-abled people to get around. We have customers from 15 all the way up to 81 years old riding our bikes.

Does the bike come with a helmet?

Helmets, baskets, baby seats and other accessories are available to add on to each rental. However, with helmets in particular we suggest buying your own to ensure the right fit and style.

How do your e-bikes work?

In Australia most electric bikes are pedal assisted meaning power is generated from the motor by pedalling instead of using a throttle. As you pedal, the motor will monitor your pedalling and deliver power based on the rider input. If you pedal faster, the motor power will increase. If you slow, the power to the motor is reduced. This gives you a very natural feel and makes for an intuitive ride. E-bikes with throttles are not road legal in Australia.

Can I remove the battery?

Yes! All our bikes feature removable, rechargeable batteries that you can take out and charge with a standard AC adapter, just like your phone.

What’s included with my bike subscription?

We want you out riding as soon as possible, so we’ve loaded it up with tons of extras to make that happen. Included in your subscription is:

 - 24/7 access to your Zoomo e-bike
 - Battery Charger
 - Phone Holder (Sydney and San Francisco only)
 - Phone USB Port for charging on the go
 - Secure U-Lock
 - Full Maintenance & Customer Support
 - Safety Induction

What is the bond?

We try really hard to keep our fleet of e-bikes functioning and in great condition. To do this, we require a REFUNDABLE security deposit, which gets returned to you when you give us the bike back damage-free.

What is Damage & Loss Cover?

Damage & Loss Cover is an option that can be added to the cost of your weekly subscription for $10 per week. It’s there for when something happens to your bike, like it getting lost or stolen, so that you only have to pay an excess fee of $300 instead of the full amount of replacing the bike ($1500+).

If you want to learn more about the plan, ask one of our friendly staff.

Terms & Conditions

Launch promotion: Reduced $49 starter fee is only available for bookings made before 11:59PM November 30, 2020. Any bookings made after this will not be eligible for this promotion.

Minimum rental period: 1 month (4 weeks), after which the renter's subscription will roll over on a week-to-week basis

Try-before-you-buy: Starter fee payment of $99 (or $49 in case of customers booked before 11:59PM October 31, 2020), can be used as credit towards the purchase of a Zoomo bike once the renter's minimum contract duration has finished

Payment timing: $300 bond is to be paid upfront along with the starter fee and the first 4 week's rental, weekly rental costs will then be automatically deducted at the start of each week thereafter

Refundable bond: Bond is refunded upon return of the bicycle, provided the bicycle has not been subject to any damage beyond ordinary wear and tear

Conditions of use: The bicycle is to be used exclusively for personal use and not for commercial purposes (e.g. for the professional delivery of goods such as food, parcels and documents). If the renter is found to be in breach of this obligation, the Renter shall pay a contractual penalty of AUD $3,000 to Zoomo.

Maximum distance cap: Each bicycle is kilometre-capped at 80km per week. If the bike is returned having averaged more than 80km per week, the renter will be charged $5 for each kilometre they are over.

Availability: Bike models are subject to availability and Zoomo does not guarantee availability of all bike models at all times

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