Flexible Plans

Rent - from $59

Pay a flexible weekly fee giving you access to the bike and all of our services

Includes standard maintenance and servicing.

Return the bike whenever you want, just give us one week of notice

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Rent to Own - from $69

Can’t afford to buy the bike you want outright? Rent to own allows you to own it in 6 months.

New and nearly-new bikes available.

Maintenance and servicing available for an extra fee

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Buy - from $1299

One up-front fee and you ride away with no strings attached!

New and nearly-new bikes available

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See our Faqs

*Terms & Conditions: $99 starter fee will be waived for new rental customers for a limited time. Minimum of 1-month rental.  Selected Bikes only.

RTO and purchase pricing is based on like-new bikes (less than 6 months old and professionally maintained).  

Brand new bikes are available for an additional fee. For more information on Starter Fees and Deposits, see our FAQs.