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May 20, 2022
Updated on:
May 16, 2024

The Ultimate Guide to Delivering with UberEats by E-Bike in the United States 

In 2020, the number of delivery drivers associated with UberEats in the United States hit 1,000,000.

Another important increase also occurred throughout the year and more drivers using the UberEats platform began to use e-bikes. This offers a number of unique benefits including efficiency and maintenance cost, we will expand more on this throughout the article. 

We'll also show you how you can get started delivering with UberEats using an e-bike.

How to save time on UberEats deliveries with an e-bike

All delivery drivers know the value of saving time. Saving time means being able to make more journeys, and more journeys mean more money. What’s more, in a world where e-commerce is becoming more and more popular, customers expect efficiency.

E-bikes deliver on this efficiency. Not only are they able to dodge the traffic jams that cars often get stuck in, but they are able to easily move through locations across the US. In 2019, legislation stated that e-bikes could travel through any public park and/ or urban parks2.
UberEats cyclists can also find shortcuts through sidewalks, parking lots, alleyways, trails and more. 

With quick parking, people who deliver using UberEats can make easy drop-offs and capitalise on shorter last-mile delivery times. 

Making more money as a cyclist with UberEats 

Urban efficiency of e-bikes

On average, e-bikes allow delivery cyclists using Uber to earn 30% more than car drivers. When cycling, it is easy to ride around a city quickly, regardless of inclines or traffic jams. Alternative routes and shortcuts, including parks and narrow alleyways, also become possible and cut down the overall travel time of a trip.

Cost of servicing cars or e-bikes in the United States 

While the average cost of car servicing in the US is US$600 per year, e-bikes are far cheaper to maintain.  Issues are rare, when bought through providers such as Zoomo. However, all our bikes still come with free ongoing maintenance. Plus, our second hand purchase option makes them even more affordable!

Gas prices increase

For the past couple of months we have been experiencing a big increase in the gas prices, which made delivery riders merge to electric vehicles. Due to all its known attributes, electric bikes are winning ground here.
See our article on why you should choose an ebike for delivery here

Cycling With UberEats & Zoomo

Zoomo and UberEats are proud partners in NYC that work together to keep riders on the roads, making deliveries. Our batteries last up to 8 hours on a single charge, we provide charging at our location, and our mechanics are in-store six days a week - so we’re always here doing what we can to keep riders on the road.

Getting started delivering with UberEats e-bikes

1- Deliver safely with UberEats during COVID-19

Delivering via e-bike naturally allows you to social distance. We recommend that cyclists delivering with UberEats leave deliveries on door steps or in safe places to ensure safety for both riders and customers.

2- Sign up to deliver with UberEats

After signing up, you’ll need to complete a few background checks and download the drivers app. A bike or e-bike account is easier to get since you don’t need a driver licence to apply. Click the link to find out more. If you aren’t already signed up to deliver with UberEats, you can do so here

3- Get $100 off the plan of your choice with Zoomo ebikes!

As an official UberEats e-bike partner, we ensure that all our e-bikes meet United States safety standards.

We also offer a unique reward scheme for riders delivering with UberEats. Get $100 off your plan payment when you sign up.

Learn more about this amazing offer here.

Find out more about Zoomo in


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