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August 21, 2020
Updated on:
September 10, 2023

How to maintain a high rating on Uber Eats

When it comes to food courier work, a high Uber Eats rating can mean the difference between consistent high paying work, or being completely kicked off the app. It sounds like a daunting responsibility to maintain, but it’s absolutely critical. Uber Eats uses the delivery partner rating system as a measure of the riders ongoing performance, and it gives them a sense of how that partner interacts with the person ordering their lunch or dinner. They take these ratings very seriously, so it’s important to keep them in mind when interacting with customers. If a delivery partner’s rating falls below a certain number (usually dependent on the city), Uber brings in the partner for a ‘Quality Session’, which sounds ominous enough.

According to Uber Eats rider and Zoomo customer Ridwan, the rating is something that all delivery partners have to keep in mind. Falling below an average rating of around 80% stars can quickly lead to lack of work.

“Everyone should focus on the ratings… Ratings are a really important factor while doing Uber, because if you don’t have a good rating, you’re not going to get deliveries. If your rating is under 80-75%, then you’re not going to get deliveries.”, he says.

With that in mind, here’s some tips to ensure you can get a high Uber Eats rating, and keep it that way!

Be over-prepared

Sometimes, customers forget to order things, and occasionally restaurants will also forget to put something in the bag. It happens! While it isn’t strictly your responsibility as a delivery partner, taking the time to grab some extra cutlery, some napkins or some sauce (if it’s available) can make a huge difference for the customer. Maybe they forgot that they needed chopsticks or mustard, and your thoughtfulness just turned a potential frustration into a huge relief.

Politeness and professionalism goes a long way

Having a positive interaction with the customer at the delivery stage is crucial to ensuring a thumbs up from the customer. It’s the only face-to-face opportunity you have with them, so make the most of it.

Ridwan says this is the biggest factor that will determine a good rating or a bad one. Being friendly and even cracking jokes can be a great way to ensure a good rating, and even a tip.

“The main thing is professionalism. If you’re professional with your customer or where you pick up your delivery from, they are going to give you a good rating”, he says.

“If you go up to a customer’s house for a delivery, you just knock on the door, ring the bell and you’re like ‘Hey, here’s your food, bye’, then he’s definitely going to give you a bad rating, not a good one.”

5 star uber eats rating incoming!
A friendly interaction goes a long way. Source: Uber Eats

It’s also good to keep in mind most information we convey as humans is through body language and non-verbal communication. The customer will probably excited to receive their food, so try to match their happiness. By reflecting their mood, they’ll view you as empathetic and relatable, and often, that can go a long way. Politeness and presentation are important too, and looking good and smelling better can make a big impact to ensure a high Uber Eats rating.

Know the streets

According to Ridwan, sticking to one area that you’re familiar with and building up many positive reviews can make a big difference to getting a high Uber Eats rating.

“Another factor is doing deliveries in an area that you’re familiar with. If you do 500 deliveries in one specific area, you’re going to get more deliveries in that specific area”, Ridwan says.

A good rule of thumb is to avoid lateness even being a possibility. By learning the streets like the back of your hand, and knowing when to ignore Google’s directions, you’ll be in much greater control of your timing. Lateness is a huge factor that customers remember when they go to select a star rating. Sometimes, being late is out of your control, and there’s nothing more you could have done. In those situations, it’s important to…

…Be communicative

Text the customer when you’re on your way, give them some peace of mind. Similarly, if you know a restaurant is taking a while, or you’re stuck in traffic, just talking to the customer can make a huge difference in what they think of you. From the perspective of the customer, it’s always better to get some bad news, rather than no news at all.

Be on the right vehicle to ensure a high Uber eats rating!

Choosing the right vehicle to deliver food is crucial to getting to your destination efficiently and easily, thus avoiding a low rating due to lateness. If you mainly deliver in urban city areas, an electric bike is your best bet. They’re fast, can be parked easily and cost nothing to run. For more suburban areas outside of the central city area, consider a car or a moped, which allow you to travel long distances in a short amount of time.

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