Asked Questions

Do I need to be a delivery courier to rent a bike?

No! While our bikes were designed for delivery riders, they are still able to be ridden by anyone.
If you would like to rent one of our bikes, reach out to us at

What’s included with my bike subscription?

We want you out riding as soon as possible, so we’ve loaded it up with tons of extras to make that happen. Included in your subscription is:

   - 24/7 access to your Bolt e-bike
   - Battery Charger
   - Phone Holder (Sydney and San Francisco only)
   - Phone USB Port for charging on the go
   - Secure U-Lock
   - Full Maintenance & Customer Support
   - Safety Induction

Can I buy one of the bikes?

Yes! We offer the bikes for purchase. The prices will vary depending on the age of the bike you want to buy. Alternatively, there is a ‘Rent to Own’ option where you can own the bike at the end of the lease.

Check out the pricing page to learn more.

What do I need to bring to pick the bike up?

If you're renting, you’ll need your photo ID (drivers licence or passport) and a helmet. You won’t be allowed to ride away on the day without a helmet, so make sure you remember it! If you're purchasing, you don't to bring either one.

We also offer discounted helmets for sale at our shops. Please ask one of our friendly staff when you come to collect your bike.

Can I come and see the bike without a booking?

Absolutely! We offer free test rides for you to experience the bikes firsthand. All you need to do is request a test ride at the bottom of the page.

Where can I pick up my bike?

You can pick up your bike from lots of different places. See here for the full list.

We can also assist with delivery, so send us an email at if you are interested.

How do I book a return?

To schedule a return, go to "Rider Hub" in the footer of the website. Note, returns require 7 day’s notice as per your rental agreement. You must return the bike to the location you picked it up from. You must continue to pay rent until the end of this 7 day period. If you have a more urgent return, please message our team at

What do I do if my bike needs a repair?

Repairs and servicing are included in your subscription. You can book your service or repair in here. If it’s urgent, please send us a direct message through the app or website.

What happens if I lose my bike or it gets stolen?

Firstly, let the police know as soon as you notice it is stolen. You should also let one of our staff know as soon as possible. A secure lock is included in your subscription, as well as a guide to lock it securely. In the event of you losing the back it will fall under your Damage and Loss cover.

What is the security deposit?

We try really hard to keep our fleet of e-bikes functioning and in great condition, so you can deliver stress-free. To do this, we require a REFUNDABLE security deposit,  which gets returned to you when you give us the bike back damage-free.

What is the starter fee?

It’s an upfront fee that covers your safety on-boarding and application processing, as well as giving you access to our exclusive Member Benefits. It also lets us keep the weekly payments low, without long-term contracts. Just remember, it is non-refundable after our 7 day cancellation period ends.

What are ‘Exclusive Member Benefits’?

Being a member of the Zoomo community isn’t just about having the best bike on the road, it’s about having the right tools and tips to earn as much as you possibly can. Our member perks include:

- Exclusive access to our Zoomo Facebook community group, where you’ll find lot’s of tips and tricks to earn more

- Invitations to our rider focus groups where you can meet other Zoomo riders and team members and tell us how we can help you earn more and improve safety.

What is Damage & Loss Cover?

Damage & Loss Cover is an insurance plan that can be added to the cost of your weekly subscription. It’s there for when something happens to your bike, like it getting lost or stolen, so that you only have to pay an excess fee instead of the full amount of replacing the bike.

If you want to learn more about the plan, or add it to your subscription, talk to one of our friendly staff.