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August 10, 2022
Updated on:
May 16, 2024

Zoomo’s updated US Pricing Plans offers couriers the best value to date

On Thursday the 11th of August, Zoomo is updating its US pricing plans to offer riders our most valuable and all-inclusive membership options to date!

For just one payment a month, or week, riders can benefit from our industry-leading e-bikes AND our most popular delivery solutions under a complete package. 

Combining our world-leading e-bikes with our most popular services

One of the reasons customers love working with Zoomo is because of the variety of services we offer to make riding safer and easier. We’ve listened to our riders say how useful additions such as theft cover, comprehensive parts replacement and repairs, and spare batteries are, so we have decided to act on this. 

Our new plans will put the power into riders' hands and let them decide the extent of service they want with our world-leading e-bikes. 

Three exciting plans!

Our three new plans will accommodate the varying requirements of US couriers, giving riders the option to favour flexibility, value for money, or riding-to-own: 

New Zoomo Plans

  • Flex ($49/wk) - Recommended for riders who favour maximum flexibility, Flex is the only plan where riders can pay weekly. The plan incorporates unlimited miles and comprehensive parts replacement and repairs for wear and tear alongside any Zoomo e-bike. 
  • Boost (199/mth) - Recommended for any rider, Boost is our most valuable package to date. The plan incorporates our most popular services, such as unlimited miles, parts replacement and repairs, and theft cover, under one package alongside any Zoomo e-bike. 
  • Ride-To-Own ($279/mth) - Recommended for the more committed, long-term riders, Ride-To-Own puts riders on a path to owning their own Zoomo. The plan incorporates our most popular services, such as priority servicing, parts replacement and repairs, and theft cover, under one package alongside a Zoomo e-bike.

Why should you sign up? 

Our goal has always been to provide our customers with more than just an e-bike, but a premium last-mile service. Riding an e-bike that makes working as a courier easier doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive, with these plans created to make it even simpler for riders to benefit from the full Zoomo experience. 

So if you’re based in the US, and looking for an affordable e-bike that will keep you on the road for as long as you need and thus boost your earnings, look no further than Zoomo. 

Give $100, get $100 referral program!

Fancy getting $100 of your next monthly bill? Sign up for Zoomo, bring a friend with you, and you both receive $100 of Zoomo credit! Whether you put this towards your Zoomo subscription or use it to grab some of your favorite accessories from the Zoomo store, it is just one further reason for why you should switch to our most valuable plan to date. Learn more on our referrals page:

Note: if you’re already a Zoomo customer, you should have a code in your MyZoomo account.

I wanted to give you a quick update on the Referrals program. As a part of Project Popcorn, we are updating our plans and pricing structure and introducing Monthly only plans, both for Rental and Ride-to-Own plans. The launch of Project Popcorn is August 11!

As these plans go live, simultaneously we are updating the current Referral program.

You can expect these changes:

Incentive Change: We are now introducing Give $100 Get $100 campaign, where our customers can refer someone. The new customer (aka The Referee) will get $100 off their plans regardless of the plan they opt-in. As soon as they complete their onboard and get their bike (and subsequently pay the remaining amount for their subscription), the existing customer (aka The Referer) will get a $100 Zoomo credit, which they can use for anything whether it’s a payment towards their RTO plan or a delivery bag from Zoomo stores.

This incentive will match our new Partner incentives and with that we will prevent conflicting benefits for our new customers.

Good news is that we now include Ride-to-own plans within our Referrals Program!

Plan Inclusion: As a part of Project Popcorn, our existing customers will have a 3-month grace period before they switch to our newly introduced plans. However, as we want to incentivize the switch to our new plans (which I personally believe is a much higher value proposition to our customers) and mitigate complexities around communication and processes, we decided to support newly introduced monthly plans as a part of the referral program.

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