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August 13, 2022
Updated on:
May 16, 2024

Old vs New: Understanding our updated US Price Plans

A Zoomo e-bike is the perfect solution for US riders looking to boost their earnings. Our hardware team has designed and developed our e-bikes with delivery couriers in mind, meaning a stronger battery, integrated electronic lock, powerful lights and so much more.

We offer several affordable pricing options which make it easier than ever for US riders to access the best delivery e-bike subscription in America, with our recently updated plans being our most valuable and all-inclusive to date. 

So what’s changed? Here’s a bit more information: 


Our updated Flex plan is the best subscription for riders who seek ultimate flexibility. 

For just $49/week (with no contract) riders will have access to a world-leading e-bike for delivery, as well as unlimited miles and comprehensive parts replacement and repairs on general wear and tear. 

What’s the difference? Our riders previously could subscribe to the old Flex plan from just $39/week. However, riders only had access to our e-bike with limited miles and a more restricted maintenance offering - so more value is now built in.

With Flex, riders can get the best e-bike at the best price, simple as that. 


Boost is a totally new plan. It’s our most valuable plan to date, recommended for riders that consistently ride and rely on our amazing bikes.

For just $199/month (on a 3-month contract) riders can choose any bike available, as well as receive our most comprehensive list of services that we know you love. This includes theft cover, spare battery, priority servicing, unlimited miles, and comprehensive parts replacement and repairs on wear and tear, keeping you on the road for as long as possible. 


Ride-To-Own is the perfect vehicle for the more long-term, committed riders. For just $279/month (on a 12-month contract) you’ll be able to own your bike after renting with us for a year. And, riders will have free access to all the services also available in the Boost plan, combining everything riders love about Zoomo under a complete package. This is our most all-inclusive plan to date.

How does this compare? We previously offered an affordable ownership program with our Pro plan. From $45/week after a $400 down payment, you could own a bike after a period of time, no credit check needed. However, like Flex, riders would have to pay extra for services such as spare batteries and theft cover, so RTO is a significant upgrade for any long-term rider. 

Official partners of DoorDash & UberEats

We are also the official e-bike partner of DoorDash and Uber Eats. Riders can enjoy exclusive discounts and offers on your new subscription with Zoomo, making it easier than ever to earn with our Partners. 

Get more than a bike

A Zoomo subscription means more than just access to a world-class electric bike. Riders on our new plans can enjoy peace of mind with free servicing and repairs and 24/7 online customer support, all accessible through our Rider Hub. 

We design our bikes to suit your delivery needs. Get the best e-bike at the best price, starting from $49 per week. Go online and see the closest place to rent a Zoomo e-bike near you, and get riding today!

See all our plans here.

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