Coronavirus: How to make money as a delivery courier

August 21, 2020
Updated on:
September 10, 2023

Coronavirus has changed the way cities function, and delivery couriers are needed now more than ever*. For many people, their jobs have become uncertain and finding consistent work is difficult. For delivery couriers, there is lots of opportunity to work and earn money, as people need deliveries to their houses. Many restaurants have started offering delivery, and basic needs like groceries and supplies are being ordered online. Our cities need you now more than ever.

Your city needs your help

Many local businesses are having to close to the public and move to a delivery-only model. People are being told by the government to stay at home and they need things delivered to them. If you’re looking for work, now is the time to help out your city**.

The demand for delivery is going up, but it’s also changing. The greatest demand is now in residential areas (not commercial areas) and it’s during the middle of the day, as more and more people work from home. Working smart means you can be a part of the solution and fit in even more work than before.

Make more money with a Zoomo E-bike

We can set you up with all the gear you need to get up and running, and partnering with Zoomo ensures you are mobile and efficient enough to complete orders 30% faster than on pushbike or by car. Whenever you need servicing, our team is here for you and it’s completely free. Plus you’re covered for all types of weather, and set for range assist up to 100km. If you have any questions, get in touch with us and we’ll help wherever we can.

Looking for more work? Make sure you check out our Jobs Board as well as our top tips on how to maximise your earnings.

Remember, you can earn even more when you refer a friend.

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