February 21, 2023
Updated on:
May 16, 2024

How does a Zoomo e-bike subscription in New York compare to the rest?

Zoomo’s monthly price with all inclusions compared to Whizz.

What is the best e-bike subscription in New York City?

We know there’s a lot of competition growing out there in NYC offering you a variety of price points and plan inclusions, which means great things for your value! So we thought we’d put together a comparison of Zoomo and Whizz e-bikes to show what you’re really getting, and at what price.

E-bikes that are designed for delivery need to be durable, long-lasting and affordable - not always the easiest balance to strike when you’re also striving for peak performance. However, with years of operation in over 30+ cities around the world, Zoomo has tested many iterations of this pricing & performance balance to give our couriers the best experience possible. 

At times a headline price can be deceiving, but when you break down the value each plan provides for the rider you start to see what that price is truly made of. It’s no surprise that Zoomo still provides the most value to a rider, at the most affordable price. See a summary of that below:

Zoomo’s monthly plan compared to the two Whizz offerings.

Plan pricing

Zoomo provides multiple plan options to cater to what kind of courier you are, and how long you are looking to deliver. These options are our weekly Flex plan, monthly Boost plan, and the Ride-to-Own plan; all of which serve a specific type of courier to help them reach their goals. In this comparison we’ll look strictly at our Boost plan:

Zoomo:  Starting at $199/mth (for three months) with a $150 downpayment. Theft protection & spare battery included.

Whizz Breeze: Starting at $159/mth with a $0 downpayment. Theft protection is $29/mth & spare battery $49/mth.

Whizz Storm: Starting at $179/mth with a $0 downpayment. Theft protection is $29/mth & spare battery $49/mth.

With the spare battery and theft protection included, the Zoomo Boost plan is a far more comprehensive offering than its counterparts. The key difference is the downpayment, which is not only 100% refundable when you return your bike, but protects you from accessory & bike damage or loss. 

Partnerships & referrals

Zoomo also provides other avenues for delivery riders to save on their price and get maximum value out of our services which our competitors don’t. We’re proud to partner with UberEats and DoorDash in NYC, offering their riders a discount upon sign up with our e-bike - just ask our customer service team in store. 

Also, if you have friends with Zoomo, or friends that want to join Zoomo; you can both be rewarded! We offer a $100 credit to both you and your friend when you both activate subscriptions, read more about it here.

MyZoomo App

The MyZoomo App allows our riders to perform a variety of tasks and services with their bike, all with the ease and convenience of tapping a button. We’re constantly adding to, and improving our app services, for now you can check out some of the key features below:

  • GPS tracking to locate your bike at any time
  • Remotely lock your bike
  • Book a repair
  • Manage your subscription
  • Chat to our customer support team 24/7, and so much more!

Unlike our competitors, you don’t need to go into the store for every question you have; just use the app! Find out more about our app here, or find it in your app store for iOS and Android.


Although some companies may claim to have more to offer than Zoomo, when it comes to the overall value and the entire package in consideration of service, price, and customer experience; Zoomo leads the way.

If you have any questions regarding our electric bikes, please do not hesitate to reach out to one of our experts in store or on the Zoomo website.

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