July 19, 2022
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May 16, 2024

Why you need an e-bike in South London

On Monday 18 July, Zoomo opened its Streatham store, our latest in the UK and first in South London. 

This is a hugely exciting day for not just Zoomo but hopefully all riders across the local area, creating opportunities for bike riders to have simpler access to Zoomo’s industry-leading electric bikes. 

For three years, Zoomo has provided delivery riders across London with the best vehicle to conduct last-mile journeys. Our bikes are perfect for navigating the capital, and are trusted by riders as the ultimate tool to travel quickly, efficiently, and reliably. So if you’re a seasoned delivery  or a casual rider and are debating getting an e-bike in South London, here’s a few reasons why you should rent a Zoomo e-bike.  

E-bikes are the best vehicle for conducting South London deliveries 

South London is a hotspot for restaurants, bars, and convenience stores as well as countless residential areas, making it a prime spot for working as a delivery rider. So if you’re looking for the answer to ‘what vehicle should I get for delivery in South London’, the solution is a Zoomo e-bike. 

Zoomo e-bikes are the premium vehicle for conducting urban deliveries, and can increase delivery rider’s earnings by up to 30% every day. This is because of the speed and efficiency of our e-bikes across urban landscapes, with riders able to skip traffic jams, ride along paths that mopeds and cars cannot, as well as park anywhere. Electric bike riders also save on multiple costs such as petrol, licensing, parking, and insurance, making a Zoomo e-bike a no-brainer from an earnings perspective. 

But this isn’t the only reason to choose a Zoomo e-bike for delivery. Our e-bikes are designed specifically to be durable, safe, and efficient, and will keep you on the road for as long as possible. For couriers considering upgrading your delivery vehicle in South London, and view maximising earnings, reliability, and safety as essential, then look no further than our purpose-built e-bikes for delivery. Don’t believe us, then take a look at some reviews from other riders here! You won’t regret it…

South London is made for cycling

Streatham and South London have fantastic cycling infrastructure, allowing e-bikes to offer a fantastic way to navigate the local area as well as further afield. 

TfL last year announced several permanent changes to Streatham’s infrastructure that have made cycling far easier, with nearly 2km of new, high-quality segregated cycle lanes built between Sternhold Avenue and Holmewood Road. Streatham also sits next to the cycle superhighway CS7, providing a simple and safe way to travel into Central London. 

There is a lack of alternative transport networks

Streatham residents have been calling out for alternative transport options for some time because of the underground ‘black hole’ in the area, and renting a Zoomo e-bike might just be the answer. 

Residents now have the opportunity to use a vehicle that is not only cheaper and quicker than the bus, train, or tube, but considerably more flexible too. Couriers or commuters who rent a Zoomo e-bike will quickly forget about the lack of transport links in Streatham, whilst falling in love with the efficient mode of urban transport. 

There are plenty of hotspots nearby 

South London is an excellent location if you are both a delivery courier or a resident, and an e-bike is the easiest way to access its variety of bustling, vibrant areas quickly and efficiently. Gone are the days when you had to worry about cycling across tricky terrains, hills, and long-distances, e-bikes can get you from A to B without the stress. 

From our Streatham store, an e-bike gets you to Tooting in 5 minutes, Brixton in 8 minutes, Clapham in 15 minutes, and Croydon in 25 minutes amongst others. 

Take control of your travel in South London 

E-bikes provide a variety of benefits for any rider, regardless of your profession or requirements. They’re quick, efficient, cheap, and provide a heap of benefits for both your wellbeing and the environment. We’ve been doing this for a while, and believe us when we say they are the best vehicle for conducting urban journeys. 

E-bikes were made for South London, and we believe our newest store will open up a host of opportunities for local riders. So whether you’re a delivery rider or a commuter, come to our new store and have a look at our bikes, our lovely team will assist with any questions you have and even set you off on a test ride. 

South London, it's time to take control of your travel with a Zoomo e-bike. 

Zoomo’s Streatham store is located at 2-4 Leigham Ct Rd, London, SW16 2PG. 

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