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June 24, 2022
Updated on:
May 16, 2024

Commuting in London? Then it’s time to get an e-bike 

Londoners, what an amazing city you have, and as summer hits we know you're looking to spend as much time as possible outdoors and active. So what if we said you could enjoy the spoils that a London summer offers on every commute, whilst avoiding the sweat and chaos of the tube or traffic? 

This is where electric bikes come in, the best vehicle to navigate the city and match your London lifestyle. They are quick, cheap, good for the environment, and ultimately make living in cities happier, healthier, and a whole lot more fun. We believe e-bikes are the perfect vehicle to transform commuting and everyday urban travel, and are confident you’ll agree with us too. Here’s a few reasons why: 

Commuter in London's Street

Will an e-bike cut my commute time? 

Zoomo has plenty of experience across urban mobility, and trust us, e-bikes are the best vehicle to cut your commute time. The below graphic should provide a good idea of all that added time riding an e-bike can save you. Forget strikes, walking between stations, or sweaty mornings on the underground, an e-bike will get you to work as quickly as possible, and might even boost your productivity. Zoomo’s durable bikes, with top speeds of 25km/h, are the perfect way to ‘zoom’ across all terrains, giving you more time to do whatever you love.

Will an e-bike save money on my commute? 

The cost of London living is going up, but imagine saving money every day on your commute. Subscribing to Zoomo’s monthly plan is cheaper than regularly buying a weekly tube pass, is more cost-efficient than signing up for shared schemes, and don’t get us started on how much you’d save switching from a petrol vehicle! Our membership plans, which incorporate maintenance and servicing, will allow you to utilise the best form of urban mobility without worrying about your wallet. 

Will an e-bike increase my travel flexibility in London? 

Tube strikes, remember those? Of course you do, they seem like a monthly occurrence at the moment. But imagine a commute that isn’t impacted by external factors, with e-bikes taking your travel flexibility to a whole new level. You can leave when you want, park virtually anywhere, and travel roads and paths that cars or mopeds can’t. So wherever you are going, whether it's the office, for lunch, or drinks after work, e-bikes can save you time on your daily adventures. It’s time to take control of your travel. 

Will an e-bike make my commute happier and healthier? 

Let’s be honest, how often have you sat on a busy tube, bus, or train, on the way to work, and thought ‘I want to be anywhere else right now’? Not only are these travel options expensive and slow, they can also get you down. So imagine a commute that boosts both your mental and physical wellbeing, with e-bikes the perfect tool to make commuting fun. Regular e-bike riding can reduce the chances of long-term diseases, as well as improve your mental health. They might just transform your entire lifestyle! E-bikes are making London happier and healthier, so if you want to arrive at work with a spring in your step, it's time to get on board. 

Will my commute be safe on an e-bike? 

Maybe you’re concerned about the safety of commuting on an e-bike, which has stopped you from getting a regular bike in the past? Zoomo’s bikes are purpose-built to be durable and reliable, with multiple features ensuring that safety need not be a concern. Unpuncturable tires, premium materials, and state-of-the-art lighting ensure you will have maximum visibility and safety on the road, with our in-built GPS tracker and motor-lock system making our bikes practically unstealable! 

London’s infrastructure is changing and is now one of the most cycle-friendly cities in Europe. Riding across the capital has become so much safer, but if this is still your primary concern when considering cycling to work, put your trust in a Zoomo and its built-in safety features.

Your London, your way

The tube is busy and unreliable. Cars are old-fashioned and expensive. We like bicycles but you don’t want to arrive at work sweating! This is why an electric bike, purpose-built for urban mobility, is the future of travel across London, and we promise that commuting and traveling on one regularly will revolutionise your life. Even if you’re not a regular, and are in London for travel or business, a flexible e-bike rental scheme will allow you to squeeze as much of London into your diary as possible. 

For lifelong Londoners, a world without the tube might seem beyond belief. But we promise if you take the plunge and give an e-bike a go, you’ll struggle to go back. Renting with Zoomo is quick and easy, just pop into either our Fulham or Bethnal Green store, and our lovely team will sort you out with a bike within 30 minutes. Book a slot and give it a go, or try it for free with a 7-day free trial, visit our website to make the booking!

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