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July 25, 2022
Updated on:
September 4, 2023

How to properly lock your electric bike? 

When it comes to the bicycle world, unfortunately theft can be a problem, and electric bikes aren’t immune. We can only assume this is because e-bikes are so great and everyone wants a go on one! But as riding and renting e-bikes in the UK becomes more popular, so too might thefts. 

Whether it's for work or leisure, e-bikes play an integral part in many people’s daily lives. Protecting them is therefore crucial, with one simple way to make it harder for thieves is ensuring it is locked properly. Here’s a few tips to prevent your bike being the next target!

Double locks are the key to success!

To really scare thieves away from your e-bike, you’ll need both a D-lock and a cable lock. 

First, take your cable lock and thread it through the front wheel, wrapping the cable through the wheel nice and tight. 

Next, take the round half of your D-lock and place it around a strong fence or pole, before slotting it through the rear wheel. Thread the D-lock through the hole in the cable lock, before locking it all into place. 

This will give your e-bike double protection, providing a significantly bigger challenge for thieves wanting to steal your bike. This won’t take too much of your time, yet it might just put thieves off trying to steal your extra safe e-bike the second they look at it, whilst giving you extra peace of mind when leaving your e-bike outside. 

D-Lock + cable

Attach your e-bike to something strong and immovable

When securing your bike with a lock, make sure you attach it to something strong, immovable, and cemented to the ground. 

Bike racks and stands are the best options, they are all of the above and thick enough to prevent thieves from damaging it. Other solid options include signposts, buildings, and other road-side infrastructure. 

Chose a wise location 

If you’re leaving your e-bike out and about for a while, picking the right spot is also important. We would recommend leaving it somewhere well-lit, and if there are CCTV cameras nearby even better. Leaving it somewhere quiet and out of the way makes your e-bike an easy target for thieves, so always try to leave it somewhere where thieves will be spotted easily. 

Keep it indoors at night 

We would also recommend not leaving your e-bike locked-up outside overnight, this is prime time for thieves. Try to keep your e-bike inside when you go to sleep, whether this is your home, a garage, or another building, this might make all the difference. 

Protecting your e-bike is crucial. Whether you’re renting an electric bike, have an e-bike for delivery, or looking to buy a fast electric bike for fun, make sure you lock it up properly! It’ll save you plenty of cash, you’ll thank us one day. 

See our video on Theft prevention here:

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