Rider Makes Deliveries with Zoomo Cargo BikeRider Makes Deliveries with Zoomo Cargo BikeRider Makes Deliveries with Zoomo Cargo Bike
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November 14, 2023
Updated on:
May 16, 2024

Why e-cargos are the Game-Changer for Urban Deliveries

At Zoomo, we consistently pioneer and champion innovations, driving the evolution of fleet management towards a greener future. E-cargos are therefore at the heart of our commitment to helping businesses significantly lower the carbon footprint associated with urban deliveries.

By adding new form factors like e-cargo bikes, we aim to cultivate a more sustainable and efficient urban delivery ecosystem globally. Our new partnerships with VoK and Fernhay amplify this commitment, spotlighting our dedication to a cleaner, electric future.

Why we’re all in on e-cargo bikes

Delivery companies require a faster and eco-friendly solution with the increasing popularity of e-commerce and food delivery. Say goodbye to Vans and hello to electric cargo bikes. Here’s why we’re placing our bets on e-cargos as the ultimate ‘van-replacers’:

Eco-Efficiency: e-cargos can dramatically reduce carbon emissions, slashing them by up to 90%. 

Urban Agility: e-cargos seamlessly navigate city traffic, guaranteeing faster deliveries. This is efficiency redefined.

Cost-Effective: Imagine a world where the operational and maintenance expenses of managing your delivery fleet are significantly cheaper, leading to notable savings for your business. That's the transformational shift businesses can achieve when transitioning from vans to e-cargo bikes.

Our newest vehicle partners

VoK and Fernhay are not mere additions to the Zoomo platform; they bring with them unique solutions that align with Zoomo's vision. With features such as swappable batteries for longer operational hours, an emphasis on safety, and designs built for heavy-duty use, these e-cargo bikes are precisely what the urban logistics sector has been yearning for. Existing and future Zoomo customers will have access to our vast servicing and maintenance network, advanced fleet management software, and financial solutions.

VoK: Mastering Urban Deliveries

The VoK XL e-cargo bike is in a league of its own. Designed to challenge traditional vans, the VoK electric cargo bike introduces a unique reverse gear—a feature setting it apart in the e-cargo space.

With its height capped at 2m, it’s perfectly equipped to navigate city car parks, streamlining the loading process. With VoK, urban delivery challenges are transformed into opportunities, ushering in a new era of efficiency.

Fernhay: The epitome of quality and durability

When it comes to durability and top-tier design, Fernhay stands out. Their e-quad, built as a genuine commercial vehicle, embodies resilience and sturdiness.

Designed with a robust iron frame, it promises stability and safety, even in demanding delivery scenarios. Its user-friendly loading feature, combined with its durable design, makes it a top pick for delivery riders

A bright, electric future

At Zoomo, we’re not just building a platform; we’re catalysing change—a shift towards a greener, cleaner, and more streamlined urban future. With industry pioneers like VoK and Fernhay now part of our journey, we’re on a trajectory of unparalleled innovation as a fleet management platform.

Join us as we redefine urban deliveries, one e-cargo at a time. Interested in our new e-cargo vehicles or partnering with Zoomo? Ride into our world here.

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