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May 28, 2024
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May 28, 2024

Navigating Deliveries as a Rider During the Olympics 2024

The Olympics 2024 are coming soon, and everyone is getting excited - athletes, fans, and even delivery drivers! With more visitors and possible road closures, you have a chance to make more deliveries and earn more money.

Here at Zoomo, we're committed to making your Olympic Games experience smooth, efficient, and profitable. This blog post equips you with essential tips and tricks to navigate deliveries during this exciting time:

  • Forget about confusing delivery zones and restrictions: As a bike courier, you'll have unrestricted access to the entire city, including the red zones. This advantage doesn't extend to other vehicles so capitalize on your freedom by making the switch to an e-bike today!. Food platforms like UberEats or Deliveroo will provide the information on how to get a digital pass and enjoy this benefit. 
  • Get ready for the crowds: Paris expects over 8 million pickups or deliveries each week. This is almost double the usual flow of goods during non-Olympic times. While optimizing routes is important, your safety is paramount. Check out this helpful video: Zoomo: where safety meets durability.
  • Don't forget to charge: Make sure to fully charge your phone and electric bike battery before long shifts so they stay powered all day. Here are some tips on how to maximize the life of your Zoomo battery.

Maximize Your Earnings:

  • Optimize your schedule: With potentially higher demand, consider extending your work hours to capitalize on increased delivery opportunities.
  • Take advantage of incentives: Rent a spare battery from Zoomo and double your delivery time! You can rent one for only 40€ per month.

Safety First:

  • Always prioritize safety: Obey traffic rules and regulations, especially in busy Olympic zones. Be mindful of pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Prevent theft: Don't leave your bike without a lock even if the time of delivery is short. Brief stops can provide opportunities for theft.
  • Invest in safety gear like a well-fitting helmet, reflective clothing, and a bright headlight for night time deliveries.

Use these tips to deliver during the Olympics and make more money. Remember, the Olympic Games are exciting! With some preparation and a positive attitude, you can make it a great experience for you and your customers.

Zoomo: Your Partner for a Successful Olympic Delivery Season!

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