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December 1, 2022
Updated on:
September 8, 2023

Humans of Zoomo: Meet Paul

At Zoomo, our people are the secret sauce to our success. Zoomers are a bunch of passionate, motivated and purpose-driven individuals all working towards the same mission of transitioning every urban delivery mile in light electric vehicles. 

Our #HumansofZoomo blog series aims to shine a light on Zoomers around the business, and the different skills and roles that make Zoomo what it is today. 

In today’s #HumansofZoomo blog we catch up with Paul Strasser, Zoomo's AU Strategy & Planning Senior Associate. Paul shares a typical day in his life at Zoomo, the fun hobbies he gets up to outside of work and his proudest Zoomo project to date.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

Hey there! My name’s Paul, and I work in Strategy & Planning for Zoomo’s Australian (AU) market. I couldn’t possibly narrow down my role into one sentence because I get to work on so many interesting things. But if I had to summarise: I support the AU team (Marketing, Ops, Sales) with developing & executing on strategies & initiatives to grow the AU business, often leveraging our data to support decision making. That may include creating strategies to boost revenue and profitability, forecasting our demand, creating partnerships with other startups or platforms in the space, and even working with regulators in Australia to push for the safe adoption of legal e-bikes. 

Outside of Zoomo you can often catch me in the water swimming & surfing, or in the great outdoors camping & hiking.

What does a day in a life look like for you at Zoomo?

No day is the same at Zoomo, which is part of the fun. You can sit down at your computer in the morning with a plan for the day, which ends up being completely thrown out the window by the end of the day - keeps life interesting!

Because my role involves data and analysis, I would say I'm a bit of a freak in the sheets… Google Sheets that is. I also liaise a lot with other teams and stakeholders inside and out of the business, so you can often catch me on meetings & Google Meets.

What project are you most proud of at Zoomo?

Launching LED-enabled delivery bags with the incredible team over at Lumos. These LED screens show adverts on the back, so riders can have their e-bike rental subsidised by wearing them while doing deliveries. 

There were a lot of moving parts to crafting the launch of the partnership. Seeing the bags on the road with our riders (with lots more interest from other riders), as well as making e-bike rentals more affordable for our riders, has been an incredibly rewarding project to be a part of.

What are your top tips for someone arriving for their first day at Zoomo?

Get close to the customer: Speak to customers on the road & in stores. Read online discussion groups. Fully immerse yourself into the life of the customer so that you can truly understand and shape Zoomo’s value proposition to them.

Get close to the business/operations: Spend a couple days helping out at our stores and/or our warehouses. Help onboard a customer, repair a bike, recover a bike, etc. You’ll be able to really quickly understand how things work at Zoomo by feeling each business area and their processes with your own two hands. 

Just get stuck into it and get involved in everything!

Rapid fire round - give us the first answer that comes to mind when we ask these questions:

  1. Guilty pleasure TV show? Kath & Kim. Aussie national treasures.
  2. Favourite toy as a child? Tough contest between my Xbox and my Buzz Lightyear
  3. What's a hobby of yours that you don't tell people about? Not really a hobby but I'm obsessed with grapes - I eat them almost every day. But if I have to choose a hobby, it would be learning Spanish by listening to Duolingo podcasts. 
  4. Name a colleague at Zoomo you're in awe of. Josh Fraser, our Head of Ops in AU. He’s always willing to lend a helping hand and is always super positive. A great leader!
  5. What do you like about e-bikes? When your late night food order arrives on time, they’re usually on an e-bike. They can skip traffic, and no need to spend time finding parking!
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