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May 17, 2022
Updated on:
September 8, 2023

Humans of Zoomo: Meet Nicoleta

At Zoomo, our people are the secret sauce to our success. Zoomers are a bunch of passionate, motivated and purpose-driven individuals all working towards the same mission of transitioning every urban delivery mile in light electric vehicles. 

Our #HumansofZoomo blog series aims to shine a light on Zoomers around the business, and the different skills and roles that make Zoomo what it is today. 

In today’s #HumansofZoomo blog we catch up with Nicoleta Nicolaescu, our Manchester Store Manager. Nicoleta tells us a little about herself,  what a typical work day looks like and her top tips for someone starting at Zoomo. 

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I was born and raised in Moldova and after finishing high school I moved to Romania for University, where I received a degree in Economics: Business and Administration. In 2019 I moved to the UK and since then I have lived in 3 different cities, the third one is Manchester where I can definitely see myself settle. 

What does a day in a life look like for you at Zoomo?

A day at Zoomo is definitely interesting and every day brings out a new challenge for the team. I consider myself in the middle between our customers and the company so it is very exciting to put a smile on someone’s face with an e-bike and at the same time help our planet.

What project are you most proud of at Zoomo?

I am most definitely proud of Manchester because I joined when we were at the beginning and I consider myself a part of the project. I am so proud to see the community that we have built here and how much we have grown as a team.

What are your top tips for someone arriving for their first day at Zoomo? 

Be curious and involved, ask questions and enjoy your journey. 

Rapid fire round - give us the first answer that comes to mind when we ask these questions:

  • Guilty pleasure TV show?  Love Island
  • Favourite toy as a child? Stuffed bunny
  • What's a hobby of yours that you don't tell people about? Rubik’s cube
  • Name a colleague at Zoomo you're in awe of.  Alessio, UK Area Manager. 
  • What do you like about e-bikes? EVERYTHING

We currently have a bunch of open roles across all markets. If you are interested in becoming a Human of Zoomo yourself, and are also keen to help us accelerate cities to carbon neutral, head to our Careers at Zoomo page.

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