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February 21, 2022
Updated on:
September 8, 2023

Humans of Zoomo: Meet Tyler

At Zoomo, our people are the secret sauce to our success. Zoomers are a bunch of passionate, motivated and purpose-driven individuals all working towards the same mission of transitioning every urban delivery mile in light electric vehicles. 

Our #HumansofZoomo blog series aims to shine a light on Zoomers around the business, and the different skills and roles that make Zoomo what it is today. 

In today’s #HumansofZoomo blog we catch up with Tyler Dorsett, our NYC Warehouse Manager. Tyler tells us a little about himself, his passion for bikes and working on the San Francisco workshop fitout.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I love bikes! I can’t remember a time in my life where I didn't have at least a few two wheeled vehicles to my name. Since grade school, I have been racing motocross and jumping my bicycles off of anything that defies gravity. So…after graduating from college with a Psychology degree, it was only right that I rode down the opposite path and started as a mechanic for an electric bicycle start-up.

After working in San Francisco for around 2 years as lead mechanic, I've taken on a new role. I now manage the New York City warehouse for the same company who now makes and produces their own bicycles and bike parts…dreams do come true!

What does a day in a life look like for you at Zoomo?

Making sure more bikes go out the door than come in. Bicycle repair can become challenging at times. The top of my daily routine is to make sure the mechanics are set up for the day and have everything they need to succeed. With that comes the responsibility of warehouse safety and upkeep, performance management and training, as well as lots of Keurig coffee cups.

 What project are you most proud of at Zoomo?

After first starting out in an empty room working from a toolbox on the ground, it was very rewarding to get the chance to completely help redesign and outfit the San Francisco workshop. I did everything from laying down new floors, to building workbenches as well as fixing toilets. However… I am most proud of designing, constructing, and painting multiple Zoomo signs and murals throughout that workshop. They were not approved by my superiors, but they won them over in the end.

What are your top tips for someone arriving for their first day at Zoomo?

Attitude plays a major role in fitting into our company and becoming a key player. There are plenty of jobs out there that will test your skills and set goals for you, but having the opportunity to help with the rapid growth of an expanding company makes all the difference, especially when you take pride in what you do. Show up on time, and show what you’ve got.

Rapid fire round - give us the first answer that comes to mind when we ask these questions:

  • Guilty pleasure TV show? I wholeheartedly live and breathe South Park.
  • Favourite toy as a child? My bike, duh…
  • What's a hobby of yours that you don't tell people about? I’m an avid drummer in my spare time, with hopes of following in my fathers footsteps of being in a garage band at 68 and growing a gray ponytail. I also like drawing offensive cartoons, haha.
  • Name a colleague at Zoomo you're in awe of. Joey Skavroneck, Zoomo’s US Director, when he talks it makes you feel like you’re hearing the Beatles for the first time. He’s a smarty pants nonetheless.
  • What do you like about e-bikes? I love the versatility that this newly found technology will bring to biking communities everywhere, whether that be everyday transportation, leisurely activity, or luxury mobility. They are a game changer, but in the long run the game has just begun.

We currently have a bunch of open roles across all markets. If you are interested in becoming a Human of Zoomo yourself, and are also keen to help us accelerate cities to carbon neutral, head to our Careers at Zoomo page.

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