July 26, 2022
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September 13, 2023

How to turn on the lights on your e-bike? 

Important information to know about e-bike lights

One of the benefits of riding an electric bike is they combine intelligent technology and accessories on top of the actual bike, with in-built lights one of the more important safety features of e-bikes. 

Your e-bike has lights for two very good reasons; to help you see better on unlit roads, and to help other riders, drivers and pedestrians see you and your e-bike easily when visibility is low. 

If it’s a good bike (like ours), you will likely have lights both at the front and back, and are essential for riding during a variety of situations, including: 

  • At night 
  • In adverse weather (rain, fog, snow)
  • Through tunnels, underground car parks, and other unlit areas

We’d recommend that the second you start contemplating turning your lights on, it is usually a sign to do so. So the next time you’re riding and want to boost your visibility on the road, here are a few things to remember. 

How to turn the lights of your e-bike on? 

This will ultimately depend on the e-bike you have. To turn the lights of a Zoomo e-bike on, simply long hold the increase assist button on the left handlebar. They will switch on as long as your battery is charged. 

Front lights On

How to turn the lights of your e-bike off? 

Turning the lights off on your e-bike should be just as easy. On a Zoomo, do the same as turning them on, long holding the increase assist button on the left handlebar, and the lights will turn off.

Rear lights On

Other things to remember 

In-built lights are a fantastic addition to electric bikes that you might not get with bicycles and other vehicles, however remember that they are powered via the electricity from the battery. Therefore if you’re planning on riding at night, make sure you have a fully charged battery before setting off, so you don’t have to worry about choosing between having your lights on and saving battery.

If your lights are faulty or stop working, we’d recommend returning your bike to the shop you bought it from or taking it to an e-bike shop. We can’t stress enough how essential they are for riding at night, so make sure you look after them!

It is also worth noting that your lights are different from reflectors. Your e-bike should come with these too, again both at the front and back, which provide further visual assistance when riding in the dark. 

See our video with Tips on how to ride Safely in winter here, where one of the main tips is to turn your lights on:

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