September 1, 2022
Updated on:
May 16, 2024

Delivery Riding: The Best Job For Students

As term starts at Universities across the UK, many students will be thinking about picking up casual or part-time work to fund their university experience and explore new cities, or even a new country, with no limitations.

Studying in the UK is many things: it’s unique, adventurous, and ultimately a lot of fun, but it certainly isn’t cheap. Undergraduate students are required to pay up to £9,250 a year in tuition fees, and that's without accommodation, travel, food, and general living expenses. 

So for those looking for the best casual or part-time jobs for students, you should consider being a delivery rider. 

Delivery Riding is the best job for students

We appreciate that students spend their time juggling heavy workloads and timetables, hectic social schedules, and potentially the added stress of integrating into a new city or even culture. Add all these factors together and the time left to earn money is rather sparse. 

However, app-based couriers are essentially their own bosses; when you work, where you work, and how long you work for is completely up to you. This flexibility is ideal for any student, mixed with the fact that delivery riders can earn up to £100 a day making delivery riding a no-brainer for students. 

Becoming a courier will also help students become more familiar with their new environments, something that is so important for UK students coming to a new city or even international students getting used to a new country. You’ll also become acquainted with some of the best restaurants and spots across the city, something that will impress your new friends!

How Does It Compare To Other Student Jobs?

Working as a courier is unique. Other popular student jobs do not provide the same flexibility as that in the courier industry, where you create your own hours on a daily basis. 

Hospitality staff, as well as most other roles, are required to input their availability in advance to lock in shift work and set hours. This doesn’t accommodate for last-minute assessment rushes, spontaneous evenings with friends, or the odd all-nighter, and is ultimately counterproductive for students wanting to improve their university experience. 

Some of these jobs also require training and qualifications, which requires the investment of both time and money. Becoming a courier couldn’t be easier; you won’t need a license, training, not even an interview! All you need is a vehicle and a smartphone, and you’re ready. 

E-bikes are the best for student couriers 

Delivery riders love e-bikes, and if you want to boost your earnings as a student courier there is no other e-bike better than a Zoomo. 

E-bikes are one of the simplest yet effective vehicles to conduct delivery work. You don’t need a license, insurance, or tax to ride one, they’re considerably cheaper to buy or rent than cars or mopeds, and you also don’t have to worry about costs such as petrol, parking, or traffic fines. Just pick one up and away you go!

Students might debate getting a regular bicycle for delivery work, however riding around on a heavy bike for multiple hours at a time can be tiresome work, especially in hilly cities like Edinburgh. An e-bike deals with this, with motor assistance allowing riders to increase or maintain their speed for a comfortable, safe, and enjoyable ride. They’re also considerably more fun! Trust us, riding an e-bike won’t feel like working. 

And if you’re serious about making as much money as you can when you go out to ride, e-bikes are essential. You can earn up to 30% more on a Zoomo e-bike compared to other vehicles, with their speed and nimbleness meaning they can zoom past traffic, navigate difficult terrains with ease, and park simpler than cars or mopeds. 

So for students wanting to earn as much as possible whilst studying, you should 100% consider renting a Zoomo e-bike. Our e-bikes are the best for delivery, with flexible rental plans ensuring students can enhance delivery work in an affordable way. You’ll also have 24/7 access to your e-bike, which is perfect for traveling to see friends, going to leisure activities, heading to the gym, or anything else you might want to do at University. 

Don’t believe us, give this article a read to see exactly what delivery riders think of our bikes. 

Get started today!

Once you’ve decided which delivery business you want to work with and have set up an account, it’s time to rent your Zoomo e-bike. 

We have shops in London, Manchester, and Edinburgh, feel free to pop in and take a look at our e-bikes, or book a test ride here!

Whatever you want to pay for at University, Zoomo makes it possible. 

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